Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th November 2023 Written Update: Terrorists beat Radha and Mohan brutally

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 24th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Maulana says that he can’t shoot Lord Krishna’s idol. Radha thinks that she know Maulana is good person so he won’t shoot Lord Krishna’s idol but what will happen to kids. She asks Lord Krishna to help her. Mr X tells Maulana that the latter don’t have much time. Maulana says that he choosed right path to follow and he never hurt anyone till now. He tells Allah that he can’t forgive himself if he committed this sin then. He asks Allah to forgive him and he aims to shoot. Everyone gets shocked hearing bullet sound. Radha notices that nothing happened to Lord Krishna’s idol.


Mr X laughs. She tells Maulana that he has to shoot like her. Maulana tells her that he know she is using him to create riot in his country. He says that he won’t let Mr X succeed in her plan. He decides to kill himself for his country. Passengers tells Maulana to not do that. Maulana shoots himself but nothing happens. Priest tells thanks to Lord Krishna. He tells thanks to Maulana. He says that their prayers are together and Terrorists can’t harm their country.

Mohan tells Mr X that it’s not easy to create problems in between them. He says that they already faced so much because of religion. He adds that their unity is their country strength. Mr X tells Danny to stop the live streaming. Country people realises that they are not against each other. Officer says that Radha and Mohan handled the situation. Kavita tells him that they are lucky that passengers are brave. She says that Radha and Mohan united the passengers. She adds that Radha and Mohan will help them to rescue the passengers.

Mr X tells Maulana that he ruined her plan. Danny slaps Maulana. Mr X tells Radha that the latter become overconfident. She slaps Radha. Bunty beat Mohan up. Terrorists takes Radha and Mohan to business class. Priest asks Lord Krishna to protect Radha and Mohan. Terrorists beat Radha and Mohan brutally. Damini tells herself that Radha is unlucky for Mohan. Kadambari asks passengers to save Radha and Mohan. Gungun pleads Terrorists to not beat Radha and Mohan.

Mohan tells Radha that Terrorists playing dirty game. Radha tells him that they can’t let Terrorists get succeed in their plan. He tells her that they have to let government or police know about bomb.

Kavita says that there is a bomb in the flight and Terrorists did not ask for ransom till now. And says that Radha and Mohan flopped Terrorists plans so they are Terrorists main target now. Trivedis and Kaveri gets shocked hearing this. Ketki asks Kavita to do something. Kavita says that they have to send information to Radha and Mohan. She adds that they can’t do anything without landing the flight.

Tina tells Mr X that Radha and Mohan lost their consciousness. Gungun and Kadambari learns that Radha and Mohan are acting. Mohan tells Radha that they need professional help.

Episode ends.

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