Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26th September 2022 Written Update: Damini wants to bury Radha alive

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 26th September 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with goons takes Radha to construction site godown to kill her. On the other hand, Gungun tells God that he know she used to live alone without mother, and Radha used to love her like her mother. She asks God to give Radha to her saying that she don’t want to live alone. Tulsi’s spirit says that Radha’s life in danger but she can’t do anything. She says that she can help Radha if she left the house. She thinks that only Gungun can help her to leave the house. She makes Radha’s duppata fly using her power. Gungun follows Radha’s duppata. It stuck on sureksha kawach and Gungun tries to remove it. Kaveri comes there and she scolds Gungun. She asks her to stop it. Gungun is about to remove the sureksha kawach but Damini stops her. Gungun leaves from there with Radha’s duppata. Tulsi’s spirit gets upset seeing that.

Radha recalls that how Gungun put tracker in her watch. She shares her location to Mohan and Gungun. Gungun calls Mohan and informs him about Radha’s message. Mohan tells her that he got message too. He tells her that he will bring Radha back.

Ketki tells Kadambari that they should inform Sundari and Rameshwar about Radha’s kidnap. Kadambari tells her that they will get scared. Ajeet tells her that they deserves to know the truth. Rahul agrees with him. Gungun tells Kadambari that Radha sent her location. Damini calls Goon and informs him about Radha’s watch. Mohan asks Shekhar to reach the location with police.

Goon slaps Radha. He snatches her watch from her. Radha thinks that she is sure that Hriday’s accomplice living in Mohan’s house that’s why Goon knows about watch. He throws the watch away. Mohan comes there. Radha and Goons sees Mohan’s car. Goons hides with Radha. Mohan thinks that Goons taking Radha somewhere else and leaves from there.

Gungun thanks God for giving Radha’s location. She says that she would have sent thank you card to God if she know his address then. Goon tells Radha that Mohan will get her dead body only. He tells Damini that he throw the watch. Radha wonders that whom he is talking to. Damini tells Goon to bury Radha alive. She tells him that she wants Radha to feel suffocation. She says that she don’t want to give easy death to Radha.

Mohan finds Radha’s watch. He wonders that where is Radha now. He picks Gungun’s call. Gungun asks him to return to home soon. He tells her that he found Radha’s watch, not Radha. She tells him that Radha must be there only. She says that she prayed a lot to God. He tells her that God did not listen her prayer. He asks her to fight with God and disconnects the call. He notices cement in the watch. He leaves towards the godown.

Gungun keeps Lord Krishna’s idol on table. Kadambari asks her that what the latter doing. Gungun tells her that she is going to punish God for his mistake. She puts Lord Krishna’s idol in the fish tank. She says that she won’t take him out until he returns Radha to her. Meanwhile, Radha loses her consciousness.

Episode ends.

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