Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th January 2024  Written Update: Tulsi reunites with Trivedis

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 27th January 2024  Written Update on

Episode begins with Gungun tells Tulsi that Radha did not let her miss the latter. She says that her life special person is Ra maa. Tulsi asks Gungun that whether the said. Kadambari tells Tulsi that Gungun said Radha. Tulsi asks who is Radha. Kadambari tells Tulsi that Radha lives with them to take care of Gungun. She hides Radha’s nuptial chain. She tells Mohan to take Gungun to room.


Mohan asks Kadambari that why she lied. Kadambari tells him that Tulsi returned after many years and they can’t give her shock by telling about Radha. Mohan tells Gungun to show her room to Tulsi. Tulsi says that she wants to know everything about Gungun. Gungun takes Tulsi inside.

Mohan is about to talk to Radha but Tulsi returns and asks him to come with her. He tells her that he will come later. Tulsi tells him that she lived without him till now and she don’t want to live a second without him. She takes him inside.

Radha looks at Mohan. She recalls the moments she shared with Mohan. Kadambari tells Ketki and Rahul to spend time with Tulsi. She says that Radha need mother now so she will take care of Radha. Rahul agrees with Kadambari. He says that he want to talk to Tulsi. He goes inside with Ketki and Ajeet. Kadambari sends Vishwanath, Kaveri and Dulari to take rest. Everyone goes inside except Radha and Kadambari.

Radha recalls that how Tulsi’s spirit got vanished. She says that this is not possible and Tulsi can’t return. Kadambari tells Radha to accept Tulsi was standing in front of her. Radha says that that’s Tulsi’s lookalike. Kadambari asks Radha that how can the latter prove that. She reminds Radha that she said she will snatch everything from Radha. She says that she did like she said. And says that she successfully broke Radha’s family. Radha says that she would have gave the family to Tulsi if Tulsi was real then. And says that Tulsi would have recognized her too if Tulsi was real then. She tells Kadambari that this is the latter’s trap and goes inside. Kadambari tells herself that Radha can’t win this time. She says that Radha’s end is near.

Tulsi tells Gungun that the latter decorated the house well. Gungun shows Tulsi’s doll to Tulsi. Ketki asks Mohan that where he found Tulsi. Mohan tells her that he need time and he will tell her everything. He asks her to behave normal. Radha comes there.

Tulsi tells Ketki that she is glad the latter married Ajeet. She reminds Ketki that how she helped Ketki and Ajeet. Radha wonders how Tulsi know all this. Ketki tells Tulsi that she is pregnant. Tulsi hugs Ketki. She says that she is so happy. And says that she is sad she could not see Gungun’s childhood. She adds that she will brought Ketki’s baby up. Ketki tells Tulsi that the latter and Mohan can try for baby still. Tulsi gets shy hearing this. Radha and Mohan gets shocked hearing this.

Episode ends.

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