Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Update: Radha tells Damini’s truth to Mohan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Tulsi’s spirit holds Radha’s hand saying that she is with her. Radha feels like someone held her hand and she tells about it to Damini. Damini thinks that she can’t let this happen. She scolds Radha to divert her mind. Tulsi’s spirit understands that what Damini is trying to do. Radha tells Damini that she never thought Damini can stoop this low. She says that she will tell Damini’s truth to Mohan for sure and leaves from there. She decides to tell the truth to Kadambari first. She sees Kadambari leaving the house. Damini asks Kaveri to use Gungun to divert Tulsi’s spirit attention.

Kaveri moves towards Gungun’s room. Tulsi’s spirit follows her. Radha is about to call Kadambari but Damini closes Radha’s mouth and drags her from there. Damini apologizes to Radha. She tells her that she will become good mother to Gungun. She pleads her to not tell anything to Mohan. Radha tells her that she won’t believe her acting. Damini threatens her to not tell the truth to Mohan. Radha leaves from there.

Kaveri enters Gungun’s room. She is about to hold the sleeping Gungun. Tulsi’s spirit pushes Kaveri out of the room. Damini asks Kaveri to stop Radha. But Radha twists Kaveri’s hand. Damini moves towards Radha but Tulsi’s spirit makes Damini fall down. Radha scolds Kaveri for not showing the right path to Damini. She warns her to not utter a word and leaves from there.

Damini is about to attack Radha with flower wash but Tulsi’s spirit holds Damini’s hand. Tulsi’s spirit locks Damini in the room and attacks her. Damini tells Tulsi’s spirit that she is doing all this because Radha is trying to separate her from Mohan. She pleads her to not attack. Tulsi’s spirit says that she want to kill Damini for trying to kill Gungun and other students. She thinks that death is small punishment for Damini so she want Damini to get exposed before Mohan.

Kaveri asks Tulsi’s spirit to open the door. Rahul comes there and asks Kaveri that what happened. Kaveri lies to him that Damini locked herself in the room because Radha challenged to stop Damini and Mohan’s marriage. She asks him to stop Radha. Rahul tells her that Mohan will throw him out of the house if Mohan got to know that he slapped Radha then and leaves from there to stop Radha. Tulsi’s spirit tells Damini that Mohan will decide the latter’s punishment.

Rahul drags Radha from there before she enters Mohan’s room. He warns Radha to not ruin anything. Radha tells him that she will expose him too while exposing Damini. She says that no one can stop her. She reminds him that what she did with him.

Rahul goes to Kaveri and breaks the door. He asks Damini that what happened to her. Damini tells him that they have to stop Radha. Tulsi’s spirit thinks that Radha would have told the truth to Mohan. Meanwhile, Radha tells Mohan that Damini is behind all the wrong things which happened with them. She tells him that he can’t marry the wrong person. She asks him to say something.

Episode ends.

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