Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th October 2022 Written Update: Radha learns about the bomb

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 30th October 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Pratap scolds Ketki. Radha hears a noise from the bus and runs towards it. He get off the bus. He tells her that he got scared like her. He says that he thought bomb blast happened. She asks him about the noise. He tells her that bus stepney was broken. She asks Gungun that if the latter is fine. Gungun tells her that she is fine. She asks her to come soon.

Ketki wonders that what’s in Pratap’s bag. Radha goes to the student. She wonders that what is Pratap’s plan. Pratap thinks that bomb has been activated so he has to fix it at any cost. She sees a lady who has phone. Student tells her that he is finished. She makes him stand near a tree. She asks him to not make a noise and goes to a lady. Pratap tries to fix the bomb under the bus.

Radha asks phone from that lady. That lady refuses to give the phone. Radha gives her watch to her. That lady gives her phone to Radha. Pratap fixes the bomb. Radha calls Mohan. Ajeet notices the call and disconnects it. She tries to call again but that lady snatches the phone from her. Ajeet calls on that number again. That lady asks Radha to give her earrings. Radha gives her earrings and gets the phone. She picks the call and informs Mohan that Pratap is the one who kidnapped her in the past. She tells him everything. She says that she is scared. She asks him to do something. Mohan asks her to tell her exact location. She tells her location to him.

Pratap sees Radha with a lady and moves towards them. Radha gets shocked seeing Pratap with knife. He puts the knife near that lady’s neck. Radha asks him that what is he doing. He tells her that he thought that lady is snatching her jewels. She tells him that she gave her jewels to that lady. That lady runs from there. Pratap refuses to get in the bus saying that he has an important work to do. Driver leaves from there. Ketki tells Radha that they are safe now. Radha tells her that it’s weird. Pratap calls Damini and informs her that bomb will be blasted soon.

Kadambari calls Ajeet and asks him that if everyone is safe. Ajeet tells her everything. Kadambari tells her family that everyone life in danger. Vishwanath tells her that Mohan will save everyone. Kaveri understands that this is Damini’s plan. Radha thinks that something is fishy for sure. She tells Ketki that she told everything to Mohan. Ketki tells her that they are safe now. She says that she heard tic tic sound from Pratap’s bag.

Mohan spots that lady. He notices Radha’s earrings and watch in her hand. He asks her that how she got these things. Ajeet threatens to call the Police. Pratap sees them. He thinks that Mohan can’t save his family. Bus recorder starts playing. Pratap reveals that he fixed bomb in the bus. He says that bomb will blast automatically if bus speed got decreased then. Everyone gets shocked hearing that.

Episode ends.

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