Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31st May 2022 Written Update: Radha questions Damini

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31st May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gungun recalls that how Mohan scolded her. Mohan sees her and thinks that he loves her so much but he can’t ignore her mistakes. He wonders that how he is going to win her heart. On the other hand, Radha wonders that why Damini will lie if Gungun is not lying then. She decides to talk to Damini. Meanwhile, Damini treats her head injury. Damini’s mother tells her that Tulsi is a ghost now and warns her to be careful. Damini tells her that she can go against anyone to get Mohan. Damini’s mother tells her that Tulsi’s spirit can kill her. Damini tells her that everyone will blame Gungun if anything happened to her then so Tulsi’s spirit won’t harm her. She adds that today she broke Tulsi’s picture and she will make sure that Tulsi’s spirit gets afraid of her.

Radha comes there and tells her that she want to talk to her. Damini gets relieved that Radha didn’t hear anything. Radha says that Gungun promised on Tulsi saying that she didn’t broke Tulsi’s picture and also didn’t hit Damini. She asks Damini that what exactly happened. Damini’s mother asks her that who is the latter to question them. Damini tells Radha that the latter didn’t understand Gungun well. Radha tells her that Gungun won’t fake promise on Tulsi. Damini tells her that Gungun can do anything and no one gives importance to promise. Radha tells her that a child can’t fake promise on their mother. She asks her that if the latter broke Tulsi’s picture which shocks her.

Damini drags her to Gungun’s room. Kadambari comes there and asks that what happened. Damini tells her about Gungun’s promise. She asks Gungun that if the latter hit her or not. Gungun recalls that how she throw toy at Damini to stop her from touching Tulsi’s picture. She agrees that she hit Damini but not like this. Radha stares her. Tulsi’s spirit says that Damini twisting Gungun’s words. Radha apologizes to Damini. Damini tells Radha that they are not Gungun’s enemies and asks her to understand Gungun well before questioning others. Kadambari and Damini leaves from there. Gungun tells Radha that she didn’t lie.

Damini gets angry at Radha. She tells her mother that she has to show the real place of Radha to her. Mohan tells Kadambari that today Gungun crossed all the limits by hitting Damini. She tells him that Damini will handle Gungun. He hopes that he will get his daughter because of Damini.

Gungun wipes Radha’s tears. Radha tells her that hitting someone is wrong. She asks her to learn to control her anger. She tells her to trust God and everything will be fine. Gungun tells her that she hit Damini on hand only. She adds that she didn’t lie still no one is on her side. Radha asks her to forget everything and changes the bandaid. Mohan gets shocked seeing Gungun’s injury. Radha tells story to Gungun and asks her to not lie. Mohan and Tulsi’s spirit sees everything. Mohan wonders that how Radha got closed to Gungun this soon. He thinks that he will get place in Gungun’s heart because of Radha.

Episode ends.

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