Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31st May 2024 Written Update: Pari informs Manan’s birthday to Mohan  

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 31st May 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radhika tells Yug that Trivedis are weird. She says that Trivedis decided to sell the house so she don’t want Manan to get attached to Trivedis. She adds that they don’t need new relations and leaves from there. Yug tells himself that something is fishy that’s why Radhika don’t want to invite Trivedis only. 

On the other hand, Mohan flirts with Pari. He asks her to go with him for dinner date today. Pari tells Mohan that she can’t go today. He asks her that why she is busy today. She tells him that today is Manan’s birthday party. He gets happy hearing this. She murmurs that Radhika told to hide about Manan’s birthday party from Trivedis. 

Yug asks Radhika that whether she did not invite Dadi to Manan’s birthday party. Radhika tells him that she did not invite Dadi. He tells her that she did wrong. He thinks that if there is a connection between Radhika and Mohan then Dadi must know about Mohan. He decides to find out the truth from Dadi. He asks her to invite Dadi. She tells him that she talked to Dadi and Dadi is busy with puja so Dadi can’t come and leaves from there. He thinks that Radhika is hiding something from him for sure. She goes to Manan and tells him that they should go for shopping. She takes him from there. 

Gungun asks Mohan to control himself. Mohan hugs Pari in happiness. He sees Radhika and Manan. Radhika also Mohan. She understands that Mohan got to know about Manan’s birthday. Mohan calls Manan. Manan runs to Mohan. Mohan hugs Manan and wishes happy birthday to Manan. Gungun joins their group hug. Radhika runs towards them and joins the group hug in her dream. She comes to reality and tells Manan that they should go. Gungun asks Manan to take selfie with her. She takes Manan aside. 

Mohan asks Radhika that when she became stone hearted. He says that Radhika don’t want a father to wish his son. Radhika tells him that Manan is not the latter’s son. He asks her to stop lying. She tells him that she did not invite him to the birthday party because of his actions. He asks her that what if he attends the party. She reminds him about his promise and leaves from there with Manan. He tells himself that Radhika will invite him to the party and leaves from there.

Yug sees everything. He thinks that he has to find out what they were talking about. He gets shocked seeing Gungun in front of him. Gungun tells Yug that she will find hoodie man for sure and leaves from there. Yug thinks that he has to do something. 

Later, Manan’s birthday party begins. Radhika tells Manan to enjoy with his friends. Manan falls down while playing. He recalls that how hoodie man pushed him from the terrace. He sees the mask which fell from Yug’s bag. He recalls that how the hoodie man was wearing that mask and he gets scared. Yug sees this. He wonders how that mask came there. 

Episode ends. 

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