Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update: Mohan gives gift to Manan

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gungun searches the mask. Yug sees this. He asks Gungun that what is she searching. He says that he know Mohan and Gungun loves to spy. He asks Gungun to eat cake and leave. He warns her to not act like an adult. Kids says that they are getting late. Radhika asks Yug about cake. Yug tells her that they won’t get cake. Mohan comes there with cake. He asks Pari to take the cake inside.

Manan gets excited seeing the cake. He asks Radhika to allow Mohan to enter the house. Radhika tells thanks to Mohan for cake. She asks him to come inside. Mohan gives the cake to Pari. He tells Radhika that how can he ignore her wish and enters the house. Radhika recalls that how Mohan told her that she will invite him to the party.

Radhika gives the knife to Manan. Manan recalls that how hoodie man threatened him using the knife. Mohan asks Manan to not get scared and cut the cake. Manan smiles and he cut the cake. He gives cake to Mohan first. Yug gets angry seeing this. Mohan gets emotional and eats the cake. Gungun asks Yug to click their photo. She poses with Manan. Yug clicks their photo.

Manan drags Radhika to pose. Gungun drags Mohan to pose. Yug gets annoyed seeing this. Radhika tries to leave from there but Manan holds her hand tightly. Yug asks them to smile and he clicks their photo. He thinks that he will kill Gungun soon.

Manan gets scared hearing balloon breaking sound. Radhika tells Manan that she is with him. Mohan asks Manan to not get scared. He says that he will do magic and leaves from there. Sargam says that Mohan is magician. Pari agrees with Sargam.

Ketki asks Meera that why the latter is sacrificing her love. She says that Meera was with Mohan in these 7 years so Meera should fight for Mohan. Kadambari thinks that only Radha know her truth and last time she saved herself but this time if Radha returned then she will get exposed for sure.

Mohan gives gift to Manan. Manan asks what is this. Mohan opens the gift wrapper. Radhika gets shocked seeing Bhagavat Gita. Mohan tells Manan that it’s Bhagavat Gita. He asks Manan to not worry about anything and trust Lord Krishna always. He tries to tell Lord Krishna’s quote. Radhika completes the quote. Yug gets suspicious hearing this.

Manan asks Mohan that how can he read Bhagavat Gita. Mohan tells Manan to tell Radhika to read Bhagavat Gita. He asks Manan to listen and understand. He says that Bhagavat Gita will solve all of the problems. He adds that Manan is lucky to get chance to read Bhagavat Gita at this time. Radhika recalls that Mohan gave her Bhagavat Gita. Manan tells Mohan that he thought only Radhika know about Bhagavat Gita. Radhika says that she taught Mohan about it. Yug asks Radhika that what she mean.

Episode ends.

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