Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Mohan informs Damini about the bomb

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan gets shocked seeing Radha in driver seat. Radha asks him to move saying that there is bomb in the bus. He wonders that what is she saying. Gungun writes there is bomb in the bus and she shows the paper to Mohan. He gets shocked reading that and moves aside. Radha closes her eyes and thinks that she killed Mohan and Ajeet. On the other hand, Tulsi’s spirit says that she is not feeling good. She says that Damini and Kaveri did something for sure because only they can bring problems to this family. She searches Damini’s room but finds nothing suspicious.

Ketki tells Radha that bus speed is decreasing. Students asks Radha to drive fast. Ketki sees Mohan and Ajeet. Mohan tells Ajeet to drive the jeep. He says that something is fishy that’s why Radha did not stop the bus. Ketki tells Radha that Mohan and Ajeet are fine. Mohan asks Radha to stop the bus. Radha tells him everything about bomb. He gets shocked hearing her. He asks them to not get scared. He says that he will enter the bus. Radha tells him that they can’t put his life in danger. She says that he can help them like this. She says that she will manage driving.

He asks her about bus driver. She informs him that bus driver got an attack due to fear. She says that he can’t drive now. She asks him to not worry. Ajeet tells Ketki that he will save her. Ketki tells him that if she died then she won’t spare him. Mohan wonders that how to save everyone without stopping the bus. He calls Damini and informs her about bomb. He asks her to tell police about bomb. He says that police should not try to stop the bus. She acts like she did not hear anything and disconnects the call. Then she acts like Mohan told her to stop the bus at any cost. Rahul says that police traced the location and started barricading. Damini tells Kadambari that they should go there. Kaveri wonders that what is Damini doing.

Police inspector tells his team to stop the bus. He says that bus should not cross the barricades no matter what. Mohan asks Radha to not worry because he won’t let anyone stop the bus until he saves everyone. Radha notices the barricades and she asks Mohan that what is all this. Mohan gets angry at Damini.

Damini enters the room and understands that Tulsi’s spirit is behind the mess. She thinks that Tulsi’s spirit must be there only and she has to take the parcel without Tulsi spirit’s knowledge. She acts like cleaning the room and takes the parcel and leaves the room. She tells Kaveri that she can’t let Mohan die. She says that she has to save Mohan.

Radha asks Mohan to move aside. Ajeet stops the jeep. He tells Mohan that only Radha can cross the barricades. Gungun shows the paper to Police. But they did not notice it. Radha crosses the barricades but bus lost the control.

Episode ends.

Episode begins with school bus driver faints when driving the bus. Everyone gets shocked seeing that. Mohan tells Ajeet that if it continued then accident may happen. He says that bus driver driving like he is drunk. He adds that something is fishy and he has to overtake the bus. Radha asks God to support her. She tells driver to get up.

Ketki holds driver. Radha sits on the driver seat. She tells Ketki to take care of driver and starts driving the bus. Ketki asks her that if the latter know to drive bus. Radha tells her that she don’t know. She says that she know to drive tractor. Ketki tells her that this is different. Radha tells her that they don’t have any other choice. She says that she can drive anything when God is with her. Ketki goes to driver and asks him to wake up.

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