Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th August 2022 Written Update: Radha gets engaged with Hriday

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha realises that what Mohan did. She tells him that he put ring on her ring finger. He tries to remove it but fails. She gives flute to him which she made it. She hopes that he starts playing flute again. She says that it could be her last gift to him. She asks him that if he won’t break it. He takes the flute and escapes through the window. Sundari knocks the door. Radha opens the door.

Sundari compliments her. She takes her from there. On the other hand, Hriday tells Gungun that he is not a fool to fell for her trap. Gungun hit his head with flower wash and she locks him in a storeroom. She warns him to stay silent and runs from there. He says that he won’t leave her. He screams for help.

Shekhar sees Mohan escaping from Radha’s room. He thinks that Mohan did not behave like this when he was young. Tulsi’s spirit tells him that Mohan did not come to meet her like this. Mohan gets shocked seeing Shekhar. He says that Gungun told him that Radha wanted to talk to him. Gungun tells him that they are not partners now so he should stay away from her and leaves from there. Mohan asks Shekhar that what is the latter doing there. Shekhar tells him he is invited for the engagement.

Kadambari gives gifts to Sundari which she bought for Latha and Hriday. Rameshwar asks her that what’s the need of all this. She says that Radha is like Ketki and Damini for her. Rahul and Ketki overhears their conversation. Rahul tauntingly tells Ketki that Kadambari adopted one more child. She tells him that Radha’s marriage should not happen with Hriday no matter what.

Sundari brings Radha to the hall. Mohan sees Radha from upstairs. Radha hides her ring finger from everyone. Rameshwar says that Hriday is not there. Rahul goes to find Hriday. Mohan throws flower at Gungun. He asks her about Hriday. She signals him that she handled Hriday. Damini notices that. She asks Gungun that where is Hriday.

Kadambari asks her that how Gungun knows about Hriday. Damini says that Gungun can do anything for Radha. Hriday comes there. Everyone smiles seeing him except Mohan and Gungun. Hriday lies to them that he went to temple. He recalls that how he escaped from storeroom. Mohan wonders that why Hriday lying.

Hriday stands beside Radha. Radha hesitatingly forwards her hand. Everyone gets shocked seeing ring on Radha’s ring finger. Sundari says that, that’s Radha’s mother ring. She asks Radha to remove it. Radha tries but fails. Sundari and Damini also tries but fails. Tulsi’s spirit holds the ring and she slaps Damini. Damini says that they can’t remove the ring. Hriday puts ring on Radha’s other finger. He forwards his hand. Everyone gets shocked seeing bruises on Hriday’s fingers.

Gungun says that it’s a bad omen. Kadambari asks her to stay silent. Radha puts ring on Hriday’s finger. Mohan feels bad seeing that. Radha sees him. Hriday thinks that engagement is over and he is waiting for first night now. Gungun asks God to stop Radha and Hriday’s marriage. Mohan tells Shekhar that he want help to expose Hriday. Someone comes there and touches Hriday’s shoulder.

Episode ends.

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