Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th June 2024 Written Update: Gungun finds proof against Yug

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radhika says that she taught Mohan about Bhagavat Gita. Yug asks Radhika that what is she saying. Mohan lies to Yug that Radhika told him about Bhagavat Gita few days back so he decided to gift Bhagavat Gita to Manan. He asks Manan to keep Bhagavat Gita with him always. He wishes happy birthday to Manan. He tells Sargam that they should go. He runs from there. Sargam chases him. Yug thinks that Radhika and Mohan is hiding something from him for sure. 

Ketki tells Meera that the latter will regret for this. Meera says that Mohan will get his happiness so she won’t regret. Meanwhile, Gungun asks Manan to not get scared seeing the mask. She tells him to call her if he saw the mask then. Manan nods at her. Gungun leaves from there. 

Later, Yug sets fire to the mask. He says that his secret won’t come out and leaves from there. Gungun pours water on fire and takes the mask. She thinks that her doubt was right. She decides to expose Yug for her family sake. She enters her house. Mohan asks Gungun that what happened.

Gungun decides to tell about about Yug to Radha first. She thinks that Yug is really smart so this mask is not enough to expose Yug. She asks him that what happened. He takes print out of the photo which they took in Yug’s house. He tells Gungun that they are looking good as family and goes inside. Gungun tells herself that soon her family will be reunite. 

Radhika recalls the recent incidents and cries. She says that she has to do something because Mohan is crossing the limits. And says that her past is getting close to her along with Mohan. She thinks that she is becoming weak and she is not understanding how to stop Mohan. 

Mohan sleeps hugging his family photo. Gungun notices this. She thinks that Mohan’s past will become his present soon and leaves from there. 

Next day, Manan shows his and Mohan’s photo to Kohlis. Garv says that it’s Pari phone so obviously it will have lot of Mohan’s photos. Pari laughs. Yug asks Radhika that why her decision keeps changing for Mohan. He says that he want to know whether Radhika know Mohan in the past.

Radhika asks Yug that why he keeps talking about Trivedis when the latter don’t like them. She says that she is not understanding why Yug is obsessed with Trivedis. She tells him that she don’t care about Trivedis. She adds that she will tell Manan to stay away from Trivedis. He gets shocked hearing this. She tells him that he need not to get insecure. She asks him to not talk about Trivedis. 

After some time, Radhika barges into Mohan’s house with Manan. She sends Manan inside to play with Gungun. She calls Khattar inside. She tells Mohan that Khattar will find new buyer for Mohan. 

Episode ends. 

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