Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th November 2022 Written Update: Damini tries to release Tulsi’s spirit

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 4th November 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha crosses the barricades but bus loses the control and she manages it somehow. On the other hand, Kadambari asks Dulari to stay beside phone always. Kaveri sends Dulari from there. She tells Kadambari that Damini trying to remove the raksha kavach so Tulsi could save Mohan, Radha and Gungun. Kadambari asks that why she did not though about it earlier. She says that only Tulsi can save everyone. Kaveri reminds her that why they did not remove the raksha kavach when they faced problem last time. Kadambari recalls that how Damini said that Tulsi’s spirit living in Trivedi house only for Gungun so Tulsi can kill Gungun to take her with her. Kaveri tells her that Tulsi can take Mohan also with her. Kadambari says that she has to stop Damini and moves from there.

Tulsi’s spirit wonders that why Damini removing the raksha kavach. Damini tells her that she don’t like Radha and Gungun much but Mohan is her life so she is removing raksha kavach for him. She says that she can’t let Gungun die too because she is not Gungun’s enemy. Tulsi’s spirit says that she has to save everyone. Damini tries to remove the raksha kavach. She wonders that where is Kaveri. Kadambari stops her. Tulsi’s spirit gets shocked seeing that. Damini tells Kadambari that only Tulsi can save them from this problem.

Kadambari tells her that Tulsi will increase their problems. She says that Tulsi can take Mohan and Gungun with her. She tells her that she can’t put Mohan and Gungun’s life in danger. Tulsi’s spirit tells her that she won’t do anything like that. She says that she wants Radha and Mohan’s marriage to happen. She asks Kadambari to not stop Damini because Damini first time doing something good. Damini tells Kadambari that maybe the latter is right. Kadambari asks her to not worry because they will save everyone. They leaves from there.

Later, Damini scolds Police inspector for not stopping the bus. Police inspector tells her that driver can’t cross the second barricades. She thinks that it’s good she reached first using shortcut.

Radha and others notices second barricades. Mohan asks that if police trying to kill everyone. Radha tells students to hold the seats tightly. She crosses the barricades successfully. Mohan says that Radha is good driver. Police inspector tells Damini that they arranged three barricades. Radha cries seeing the third barricades. She says that she can’t cross this. She asks God to give strength to her. She increases the speed of the bus and she crosses the barricades. She hits her head on the steering wheel. Ketki and Gungun notices that.

Mohan tells Ajeet that they have to stop the police. Police inspector tells Kadambari that a girl driving the bus. Mohan comes there. He says that Radha driving the bus. Everyone sees that in camera. Mohan reveals that there is bomb in the bus. Everyone gets shocked hearing him except Damini. Police inspector orders his team to remove the barricades. Mohan says that he told Damini about bomb. Shekhar tells him that Damini told them to stop the bus.

Mohan scolds Damini for not informing others about bomb. Damini tells him that seems like she misheard him. Police inspector says that they also faced network issue. Mohan asks him about rescue plan. Ajeet tells him that they should leave to motivate Radha. Mohan asks Damini to not repeat the mistake and goes with Ajeet. Police inspector tells Damini that rescue plan is ready. Media reporters comes there.

Radha scolds Mohan for leaving her alone. Mohan apologizes to her. She tells him that she won’t talk to him. She says that he don’t care about her at all. He convinces her. Ketki scolds Ajeet. Mohan gives a phone to Ketki. Ajeet says that it’s a conference call. Police inspector calls Mohan and Radha. He tells his rescue plan to them. He says that they can save everyone. Damini disconnects the call before Police inspector completes the sentence. Police inspector asks her that why she did not let him tell that they can’t save driver and Radha can die in this mission.

Episode ends.

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