Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update: Yug attempts to kill Gungun

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 5th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radhika tells Mohan that Khattar will bring buyer for Mohan. Khattar asks Mohan about rate. Mohan tells Khattar that he will call the latter. Khattar leaves from there. Radhika tells Mohan that she is going to Barsana and if he won’t leave until she returns then she will leave Delhi permanently. She says that Yug will shift with her for sure. Mohan tells her that she can’t his son from him. She tells him that Manan is her and Yug’s son. She takes Manan from there. Gungun asks Mohan that how he will stop Radha. Mohan tells her that he will do something.

Gungun thinks that she has to do something. She goes inside and calls Radhika. She tells Radhika that she want to talk to the latter about Yug and disconnects the call. Yug gets surprised hearing this who picked Gungun’s call. He wonders why Gungun called Radhika as Ra maa. Manan tells Radhika that he is excited.

Ketki asks Mohan to have self respect and leave Radha. Gungun sends voice message to Radhika and leaves the house. Yug hears this and laughs. He says that Gungun will die and leaves from there.

Ketki tells Ajeet that she is not understanding how to stop Mohan. Ajeet tells her to enjoy the massage now. Mohan sees this. He recalls that how he gave massage to Radha. Ketki notices Mohan is crying and asks him that what happened. Mohan says that he remembered the past. Ajeet says that he won’t give massage to Ketki from now on. Ketki gets shocked hearing this.

Mohan asks Ajeet to not say like that. He says that couple should enjoy these kind of moments. Ketki tells Ajeet that he don’t know to give good massage. Ajeet says that it’s Ketki hair problem. Mohan gets an idea and smiles. He says that he found a way to prove Manan is his son and leaves from there. Kadambari gets worried hearing this.

Gungun reaches the backside of the school. She sees Radhika from behind. She tells Radhika that Manan is in danger because of Yug. She asks Radhika to see the mask. She gets shocked seeing doll there. Yug comes there with knife.

Radhika searches Manan in the house.

Yug asks Gungun that whether she is surprised. Gungun warns him to not come near her. He orders her to go to house. She tries to run from there. But Yug holds her and tells her that he won’t spare her. He tries to stab her but Champi bites the former. He screams in pain. Gungun notices Champi’s bite mark on Yug’s leg. She says that Yug is hoodie man and she will expose him. She pushes Yug and runs from there. She hides from Yug. Yug thinks that he has to stop Gungun.

Episode ends.

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