Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th July 2022 Written Update: Radha’s family face backlash from village people

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 6th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Radha asks God to give strength to her family. Meanwhile, village people questions Rameshwar’s upbringing. Rameshwar defends Radha. He says that it’s false news. Sundari Dadi tells him that no use in explaining them because they already believed that Radha is wrong. One lady badmouths about Radha. Sundari Dadi asks her to stop it. That lady says that it looks like Radha’s family taught Radha to seduce Mohan because he is son of rich family.

On the other hand, Kaveri asks Damini that why the latter did this. Damini tells her that this plan will ruin Radha’s life and Radha will be out of Mohan’s life. Sundari Dadi drags Radha out of the room. Gungun asks Sundari Dadi to leave Radha’s hand. Kadambari asks Sundari Dadi to not get angry because Radha did nothing wrong. Sundari Dadi says that she made mistake by letting Radha stay in this house. Kadambari says that she can understand that Sundari Dadi is angry but the latter can’t punish Radha. Sundari Dadi says that Radha can’t stay in this house for a second also.

Damini tells Kaveri that Radha can’t leave the house like this which shocks the latter. Mohan tells Sundari Dadi that Radha won’t go anywhere. Kaveri murmurs that Mohan should not have stopped Radha. Mohan tells Sundari Dadi that Radha is innocent so the latter doing wrong by punishing Radha. Sundari Dadi says that this scandal news can ruin Radha’s life. Radha defends Mohan. She asks her to trust that she did nothing wrong. She asks them that why everyone getting affected by false news when they knows the truth. Sundari Dadi tells her that they faced backlash from village people.

Mohan asks her to not listen them. She tells him that she can’t ignore the accusations. She says that their world is small and let them stay there peacefully. She drags Radha from there. Damini wants Mohan to stop Radha. Mohan recalls the moments he shared with Radha. Gungun pleads Mohan to stop Radha. Damini thinks that her plan will be flopped if Radha left the house now.

Mohan stops Sundari Dadi and asks her that why she want to ruin Radha’s life. He tells her that they should teach girls to fight against society. He says that by staying here Radha can become self independent. Sundari Dadi scolds him for talking like this with her. She says that Mohan is like this because Kadambari failed to give good upbringing. And Kadambari proved that she is not biological mother to Mohan. Everyone gets shocked hearing her. Mohan tells her mother is just mother and Kadambari gave good upbringing to him.

He says that Radha won’t go anywhere no matter what. She asks him that what rights he has to say this. He tells her that he is Radha’s teacher. He takes God’s idol from Rameshwar. He tells Radha that he is going to keep this with him and he will also see that how she is leaving without this. Damini smiles hearing him. Kaveri wonders that why Damini smiling seeing all this. Damini thinks that she want to remove Radha from Mohan’s life. And Radha has to stay in this house then only she can execute next step of her plan.

Episode ends.

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