Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th July 2022 Written Update: Radha agrees for the marriage

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 8th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sundari Dadi tells Mahapandit that she got it what she should do. She talks about Radha’s marriage which shocks everyone. Kaveri looks at Damini and smiles. Mahapandit tells Sundari Dadi that Radha’s marriage is the solution for all the problems so if her marriage going to happen soon then he will rethink about temple matter. He adds that he won’t change his decision until Radha gets married and he leaves from there. Kaveri understands Damini’s plan. Damini tells her that she has to do something else also and leaves the house. Mohan looks at Radha and he goes inside.

Radha enters her room. She cries recalling Mahapandit’s words and Sundari Dadi’s decision. Gungun comes there and asks Radha to not cry because she won’t let the marriage happen. She wipes her tears. She tells her that she will seek Mohan’s help to stop Radha’s marriage. She adds that she is even ready to talk to Sundari Dadi to stop the marriage. She asks her to not get afraid because even her God is with her. Radha says that she can’t cry.

Mahapandit tells Damini that she did the right thing by going against her family for her family’s sake. He says that Damini saved her family’s reputation and also Radha’s life by coming to him. Damini says that Radha and Mohan are innocent. He blesses her. She leaves from there. Kaveri asks her about the plan. Damini recalls that how Guru maa told her that Radha’s marriage is the only solution they have. She informs Guru maa’s plan to Kaveri. She reveals that how she approached Mahapandit. She says that if Sundari Dadi did not bring Radha’s marriage topic then she would have brought it. She tells her that drama is not over yet. They leaves for house.

Mohan scolds Sundari Dadi for bringing Radha’s marriage topic. He says that Radha is still young. Sundari Dadi tells him that, that temple was Rameshwar’s house and he lost it because of Radha. Rameshwar cries. He wipes his tears seeing Radha. Radha goes to him and asks him that if he also thinks that she did wrong. She praises his upbringing. She says that she would never do something which could ruin her father’s reputation. Sundari Dadi says that Rameshwar trust Radha but he is not able to protect his daughter from society.

Mohan tells her that he can understand that wrong happened with her family. But they can’t fix Radha’s marriage like this. He says that he won’t let Radha compromise. Radha says that she will marry the guy whom Sundari Dadi selects which shocks Mohan. He tells her that she can’t ruin her life for this small matter. She tells him that it could be a small matter for him but not for them. She says that she can’t see her family like this. She adds that she is happy that Mohan cares about her but her family also cares about her. He tells her that she is immature for sure and goes inside angrily. She hugs Rameshwar.

Kaveri tells Damini that seems like Mohan won’t let the marriage happen. Damini tells her that she is ready to fight against Mohan to get him. She adds that Radha’s marriage should happen at any cost and goes inside. Kadambari tells Mohan that his behaviour towards Sundari Dadi was wrong. She supports Sundari Dadi’s decision. Mohan asks her that if they are nothing for Radha. Damini asks him that how they are related to Radha.

Episode ends.

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