Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th June 2024 Written Update: Yug learns about Mohan’s complete past

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 9th June 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mohan tells Yug that he fell in love with beautiful girl and they got married. Radhika thinks that everything will be ruined if Mohan took her name then. She hope Mohan don’t take her name. Mohan tells Yug that Gungun born but his wife died. He says that he was heartbroken and he lived like lifeless. He adds that he thought that’s end of his life but he was wrong. Yug gets shocked hearing this.

Mohan tells Yug that one girl entered in his life like heroine and she changed his life completely. He says that that girl taught him to love again, and she taught him live again. And says that that girl became mother to Gungun. Yug gets surprised hearing this. Mohan tells Yug that that girl gave so much love to him. Mohan and Radhika shares an eye lock ( Title song plays in the background ). Mohan tells Yug that that girl heart was pure and that girl made his life beautiful.

Radhika recalls that how Mohan praised her in the past. Mohan asks Yug that whether the latter know why that girl did everything for him. Yug asks Mohan that why she did all that. Mohan tells Yug that he gave Bhagavat Gita to that girl in her childhood. He reveals that he gave that same Bhagavat Gita to Manan. Yug gets shocked hearing this. Radhika recalls the moments she spent with Mohan.

Mohan tells Yug that his second wife gave pain also along with happiness. He says that his second wife broke his and his family’s heart. He adds that his second wife left him. Yug asks Mohan that where the latter’s second wife left. Mohan says that his second wife married someone else and she is happy with her new family. He says that he will reveal his second wife name. Gungun tells Mohan that they should go inside. Ketki asks Mohan to let’s go inside and sleep. Mohan says that he has to talk to Yug and says he won’t go without telling his second wife name to Yug.

Police comes there. Mohan gets excited seeing police jeep. Police inspector asks Mohan that what kind of drama is this. Mohan tells Police inspector that he will tell a story. Police inspector tells Mohan to say story in the police station. He says that colony people gave complain against Mohan. He orders Constable to arrest Mohan. Ajeet and Ketki tells Police inspector that Mohan is innocent. Police arrests Mohan and takes him from there. Trivedis leaves from there.

Radhika gets relieved. She asks Kohlis to go and sleep. Yug tells Radhika that Mohan was behaving odd. She tells him that she don’t want to talk about it and goes inside.

Later, Yug searches Radhika in the house. He gets scared when Champi barks at him. He calls Manan for help. Manan takes Champi from there. Meanwhile, Radhika stops police jeep. She asks Police inspector to release Mohan.

Episode ends.

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