Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Written Update 4th April 2024 Written Update: Mohan finds Radhika’s anklet

Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan Written Update 4th April 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gungun tells Radhika that lie won’t turn into as truth is not special line and she read the line in the book. Radhika tells Gungun to not hide mistakes from parents. Gungun looks at Mohan’s photo. She tells Radhika that she understood she should not lie. Radhika tells Gungun to not drive until she turns 18. She asks Gungun to promise. Gungun obliges. Radhika feels something and says that she want to hug Gungun. She hugs Gungun. She recalls the moments she spent with Gungun. Mohan tells Meera to wait outside and leaves from there.

Gungun asks Radhika to not complain about her to anyone. Radhika agrees. She tells Gungun to share everything with her parents. She says that only parents can fix everything because they loves their child so much. Gungun says that Radhika is right. She asks Radhika to leave before her father comes. Radhika nods at her and asks about the latter’s name. Gungun lies that her name is Gunjan. She sees Mohan moving towards the door. She drags Radhika inside and asks her to hide because her father is there.

Manan breaks car mirror while playing. He gets scared and hides behind the pillar. He hope Radhika comes soon. Mohan hears this noise and goes to car. He asks culprit to come out. Meera tells him to go inside and bring Kadambari’s reports. He goes inside. Gungun tells him to not speak. She says that she know Mohan came to get his mother reports and she will bring it and goes inside. She hope Damini and Mohan don’t see each other. She gives Kadambari’s reports to Mohan and tells him to not miss the appointment. She sends Radhika from back door.

Radhika searches Manan outside the house and she wonders where he went. Kadambari sees Radhika and gets worried. She thinks that this time she can’t escape like last time. She feels that Radhika reached house so Radhika can reach Mohan soon. Moreover, she can’t do anything in this condition. Manan drags Radhika. Kadambari misunderstands that Radhika is hiding.

Radhika asks Manan that what happened. Manan tells her that he broke Mohan’s car mirror. Radhika tells him to apologize. He tells her that Mohan talked about gun. He says that Mohan must be dangerous. He takes her from there.

Mohan finds Radhika’s anklet. Kadambari sees this and gets pissed off. She thinks that Radhika and Mohan’s romance started. She hope they don’t get reunited.

Mohan notices anklet has R letter. He realises that he has same design anklet which he found in Yug’s holi party. He recalls that how Radha gifted him M letter bracelet. In the past , Mohan tells Radha that she is his biggest gift. In the present, Mohan wonders what Lord Krishna is trying to say.

Episode ends.

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