Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 12th February 2024 Written Update: Purnima accepts Raj’s proposal

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 12th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj and Purnima praying to Bholenath. Purnima takes a black thread and ties it around Raj’s neck with a Rudraksha attached to it.


Purnima says to Raj that this Rudraksha will protect him just like he protected her from others.

Purnima prays to God and asks God to give her all of Raj’s troubles and make her a shield for Raj.

Purnima says to Raj that she will take Radha and Rati from the police station and leave this village. Raj asks Purnima where is she going. Purnima says she will leave this village.

Raj asks Purnima if she doesn’t mean anything to her. Raj tries to reveal his feelings to Purnima. Purnima stops Raj and says to Raj it will be more difficult for her to leave if he says something.

Raj still stops Purnima and says to Purnima that he loves her. Raj says to Purnima that he wants to know what she is feeling for him. Raj asks Purnima not to tell him that she doesn’t have any feelings for him as she wouldn’t have called him for help when she is in trouble.

Damayanthi is shown to be talking to Dadaji. Damayanthi says to Dadaji that when she went against him and married her husband. Dadaji took a vow that he will never see her face as her husband is of low caste. Damayanthi says she returned home after being a widow but he did not allow her into the house. Only after two of her brothers begged him did he allow her to stay outside the house. Damayanthi asks Dadaji to at least bless him now. Dadaji hesitates to do it. Damayanthi seeing this leaves the room. Chiraj gets upset seeing this from afar.

Purnima reminds Raj that love is between equals and reminds Raj of the differences in between them. Purnima says to Raj how much trouble there is in her life. Raj says their burden can be reduced if they share it. Raj says to Purnima that he has a solution to her problems.

Purnima asks Raj if he will do charity to reduce her burden. Raj says to Purnima by marrying her. Purnima reminds Raj how much poor she is and emphasises to Raj that his family will never accept her. Raj hugs Purnima and says to Purnima that he loves her bit because she is beautiful but he likes her character and comments on it. Purnima says to Raj that he is a little emotional and asks Raj to leave and think calmly about it.

Raj says to Purnima that he will leave but only after praying to Bholenath. Raj says to Purnima that if he really loves Purnima then Bholenath will show sign that what he is saying is the truth. Raj is about to leave and steps on a glass shard. Purnima puts her hand on the shard and protects Raj’s foot. Raj looks at Purnima’s injured hand. A beal leaf falls on Raj and Purnima’s hand. Raj says this is Bholenath’s sign that he is telling the truth. Purnima hugs Raj.

Mysterious person comes to Dadaji’s room and turns off the oxygen pipe.

Purnima asks Raj about his family. Raj says he will convince them but she only needs to be with him.

The doctor reveals to Raj’s family that Dadaji is no more. Raj and Purnima hear about it in the hospital. Sumitra spots Purnima with Raj.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Purnima comes to Raj’s home. Sumitra and Raj’s father take Purnima out of the house and say to Sumitra that they are ready to give how much she wants and they want her to leave Raj. Sumitra takes her bangle and gives it to Purnima. Purnima gives it back and says she will leave Raj.

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