Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 22nd March 2024 Written Update: Poonam overhear Gitu talking with her boyfriend

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 22nd March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj running into Poonam. Poonam gets mesmerised seeing Raj. Poonam dreams of dancing a duet with Raj. Poonam comes out of her day dream and decides to not look at Raj.

Poonam tries to leave but her Dupatta gets tangled to a rod but she thinks Raj is holding her Dupatta. Poonam asks Raj to leave it. Poonam turns around and sees that her Dupatta is tangled to a rod. Poonam untangles it and leaves from there.

Poonam dances with others. Poonam sees that Raj took off his glasses so she runs away from there.

Vicky takes a sweet and mixes some Bhaang powder in it. Vicky puts the the Bhaang powder aside. The Bhaang powder is shown to be falling into a glass of butter milk.

Vicky tries to make Poonam eat the sweet but she doesn’t eat it.

Gitu sees a guy and smiles to herself. Shaina recalls saying to Vicky that tomorrow they are going to steal Sumitra’s diamond necklace which is worth Rs 5 crores.

Poonam sees Shaina signaling Vicky. Shaina steps on Sumitra’s leg. Sumitra feels pain. Shaina takes Sumitra away from the party. Shaina apologises to Sumitra and keeps her occupied. Vicky unloosens the diamond necklace. Vicky leaves from there. Shaina steals the diamond necklace.

Shaina takes plate full of yellow colour and she runs into Raj. The yellow colour falls over both of them. Raj gets upset with Poonam. Raj says to Poonam that he already told no one will apply colour to him. Poonam apologises to Raj and leaves from there.

Poonam runs into the house and she accidentally overhears Gitu talking with her boyfriend. Gitu says to her boyfriend that in their house the girls have to listen to their family’s decision and says she doesn’t have the right to say no. The boyfriend says the first time she got married she said no to him and now she is saying no to him again. Gitu sends her boyfriend away.

Poonam again accidentally throws colour on Raj. Raj lashes out at Poonam. Poonam says it is an accident and she again throws water at him. Poonam apologises to Raj and leaves from there.

Gurupreet says to Raj that Kuhu is very happy today that Raj and Shana are celebrating Holi with her. Gurupreet says to Raj that he should give another chance to his relationship with Shaina.

Poonam thinks why does this always happen with her. Poonam is shown to be drinking the spiked buttermilk as Bhaang powder gets mixed when Vicky leaves the bottle there.

Shaina and Vicky celebrate their victory as they got the diamond necklace by eating spiked sweet. Shaina eats the sweet in Vicky’s hand and feeds it to him.

Sumitra searches for her necklace. Raj runs into Shaina. Shiana slips and drops the daimond necklace in the pot full of butter milk. Shaina tries to take it out but Vicky comes and pulls her. Vicky and Shaina dance infront of everyone. Poonam in her intoxicated state calls Vicky Shaina’s boyfriend.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Raj carries Poonam to her room. Poonam says to Raj that his eyes pull her towards him. Poonam says she feels that their connection is not in this life but in the past life. Poonam kisses Raj on his cheek.

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