Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 4th April 2024 Written Update: Radha on a mission to meet Purnima

Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak 4th April 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj saying to Poonam that they are going to miss her once they go to Canada. Poonam hugs Raj and begs Raj not to leave.

Poonam comes out of her dream and asks Raj if he is running away from her. Raj reminds Poonam that she is just an employee. Raj leaves from there.

Shrey tries to convince Raj to stop going to Canada. Nirvan says to Shrey that he should allow Raj to leave if wants to spend time with his family. Shrey says to Nirvan that Raj is leaving the house only because of Purnima. Raj asks Shrey to stop thinking about Purnima and says Purnima is not Poonam. Raj decides to throw all of Purnima things out of the house.

Poonam looks at Raj and thinks about what happened. Raj sees that Purnima’s Dupatta is about fall on Poonam but he catches it and puts it in the bag. A cloth of Purnima falls in laundry basket. Raj doesn’t notice it and leaves from there.

Sumitra asks Gunita if they laundry clothes have been brought back. Gunita says yes and says she will put this in Kuhu’s room.

Poonam searches in the laundry basket as Kuhu asks her to search the basket. Poonam reads that it is a thank you note written by Kuhu. Kuhu later hugs Poonam and says to Poonam that he is going to miss her.

Shaina’s mother scolds Shaina as she got pregnant with Vicky’s child. Shaina’s mother asks Shaina not to do anything until she reaches Canada as every doctor knows Raj here if she tries to abort the child Raj will know about it. Shaina agrees.

Raj puts all of Purnima’s memories in a basket and leaves them in the water. The basket goes and floats to Purnima’s mother.

Purnima’s mother understands that these are Raj and Purnima’s belongings.

Poonam prays to God mad hopes that she will find the thing that Baba told her. Purnima’s cloth comes and falls on Poonam.

Purnima recalls her past. Netra comes and asks Poonam what is this cloth that is in her hand. Poonam says this is a cloth used as a bandage to stop the bleeding and it is used for Raj. Raj overhearing it thinks how does Poonam know about this. Raj goes to question Poonam but Shaina stops Raj. Poonam leaves from there.

Poonam thinks she is getting close to her answers.

Raj comes to Poonam and hugs her saying she is his Purnima. Raj later comes out of his dream when Kuhu calls her. Raj scolds himself for thinking Poonam is Purnima.

Poonam comes to flower shop to buy flowers. The shop owner says her flowers are at Radha’s shop. Poonam comes to Radha’s shop. Poonam calls for Radha. Poonam drops her purse and she bends down to pick it up. Radha doesn’t see Poonam’s face and leaves from there when someone calls her.

Poonam leaves some money at Radha’s flower shop, takes some flowers and leaves from there.

Radha spots Poonam when she is leaving and chases her calling Purnima. Radha couldn’t catch her.

Radha goes to Raghuvanshi house looking for Purnima. Radha asks them to show where is Purnima. Raghuvanshi family remind Radha that Purnima is dead. Radha argues with them. Radha says if they don’t show Purnima today then she will kill herself. Radha pours gasoline over herself and lights a match stick.

Purnima comes to a temple and touches Bholenath’s statue. Purnima backs away and thinks how did she come here.

Raj stops Radha from committing suicide. Radha asks Raj where is Purnima. Raj reminds Radha that Purnima is dead. Radha slaps Raj. Radha learns that Raj has married Shaina after Purnima’s death. Radha spits on Raj’s face. Radha comments on Raj. Radha says she will stay here until she meets Purnima. Shaina comments on Radha.

Purnima decides to leave the temple. Baba stops Poonam and asks if this basket belongs to her.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Poonam begs Baba to tell her all her answers. Baba says all the answers are right in front of her.

Poonam is about to get into an accident. Raj pulls Poonam to safety.

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