Qurbaan Hua 10th July 2020 Written Update: Chahat tells Neel the truth

Jeeju plans to kill Chahat but Vyas ji sees him and asks him about carrying a knife like that. He tries to cover up. Meanwhile Mrs. Baig does some makeup so that no one recognizes her but when she tries to open the door it is locked. Later everyone come in video call and tell Vyas ji about princess Mohini’s ghost. Vyas ji gets angry on Neel for believing in such things and questions why is Chahat not on call. Chahat overhears their talk and is worried that Vyas ji has come to know about all this.

Kajri gets Mrs. Baig’s call and she tells her that she has been locked inside and has to go out and Kajri ji asks her to wait till next day and cuts the phone which makes Mrs. Baig tensed. Meanwhile Chahat gets call and gets worried about answering and Vyas ji shouts at her asking her to come on call.

Chahat picks up the call and makes excuse that she fell asleep. Vyas ji asks her about being possessed but she says that all family members were mad upon a map thinking that they will find treasure and that she told them that there is no such thing as ghost.

Vyas ji then asks them to stop their nonsense thoughts and go to sleep. Then jeeju asks Chahat if she is normal and Mami ji blames her for scaring them all. Chahat says that she didn’t lie or scare them and cuts the call. Neel asks her to come back and she comes back as ghost again and scares them. Jeeju tells Neel to check into the matter and Neel thinks about it. Chahat feels relieved that this matter got solved.

Neel comes to her room and she comes out disguised to scare him. She asks him to leave but he says that he is here to set her free and Chahat wonders what he is up to. He says that he knows the reason behind her death and that she died single and that he will marry her and free her spirit. Chahat gets scared that if her fills sindoor in her head she will become her wife. Hence she tells him that she was faking.

He tells her that he saw her and Kajri ji laughing last night. Meanwhile Mrs. Baig gets call from his son. He asks about her and she says that she is stuck in the bunglow with Neel and his family. Kajri ji comes and sees her washing untensils and she worries that she might recognize her. Neel then tells Chahat that he will tell everyone about her act and she gets tensed.

Neel calls everyone and acts being possessed by ghost and shocks everyone. Chahat is shocked seeing him help her and she also joins the act with him to warn them. After that Chahat wonders what just happened while Neel thinks about Saraswati.

He calls Chahat and she says she was about to thank him but he thanks her for trying to keep his family safe. He sends tea for her and she praises him and he says that she is pretty. Then he diverts talk by saying her dad is bad. She then connects Kajri ji to call to tell him the truth and she tells him about it. She tells him that her dad tried to save Saraswati and she will prove that her dad is innocent.

The episode ends.