Qurbaan Hua 11th June 2021 Written Update: Chahat educates Dua and Shlok

Qurbaan Hua 11th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Mami saying that Dua is of other religion and no one can change the fact. Ghazala provokes Dua by saying that Neel is not lashing out at Mami because she is his family but he will always defame them. She tells Dua that this family won’t love them as they are from different religion. Dua gets upset and asks Neel whether he doesn’t love her, he says that he will always love her no matter what. Neel warns Mami against talking about religion in front of Dua again but Ghazala asks him to threaten to kick her out as well. Mami starts her melodrama saying that Neel always points fingers at her after listening to Chahat’s family.

Mami says that she cannot stay in this house and talks about leaving before Neel actually kicks her out. Ghazala whispers in Chahat’s ears that she will bring Neel’s entire family on streets slowly. Dua cries and tells Chahat that she wants a whole family like her other friends. Chahat consoles her while Ghazala goes to provoke Mami who is busy packing. Alka shuts Ghazala up and requests Mami to ignore Ghazala and stay. Mami doesn’t listen, Chahat gets an idea so she goes inside and hugs Ghazala. Chahat says that Ghazala promised her to get rid of Mami’s taunting and she actually fulfilled it as Mami is leaving out of fear.

Chahat invokes Mami by saying that she is scared of Ghazala. Mami gets furious and keeps her bags back, she angrily says that she is not going to be defeated by the mother-daugther duo. She says that she won’t leave the house and takes Ghazala’s bag to throw it out. Ghazala shouts at her and they both start fighting. Everyone else gets irritated by their fight, Naveli thanks Chahat for using reverse psychology to make Mami stay back. She warns Chahat that now Mami will make her life hell but Chahat says that she will tolerate the hatred for giving a complete family to the kids.

Neel is impressed by Chahat’s gesture and they share an eye lock which Alka notices. Meanwhile Agam is sitting drunk at Sahil’s house when Aalekh comes and blames him for wasting the BC money on alcohol. Agam tells him that he doesn’t know about the money when Aalekh notices a bundle of notes with their family mark on it. He asks Sahil about it so he tells that this money he got from Delhi as Chahat has suddenly sold her house and hospital, he also tells that Neel is involved. Aalekh takes Sahil to other room to talk while Agam decides to call in Chahat’s center to ask for his money.

Agam video calls on a number that is picked up by Vyas ji. At first he thinks that he is hallucinating but then realizes that it is Vyas ji. He calls Aalekh but trips and the phone goes off so Aalekh does not see the face and doesn’t believe him either. Agam tells them that Vyas ji is alive and they will regret if they are not careful. Aalekh thinks about Neel getting Vyas ji’s call, Chahat coming back in his life and guesses that Vyas ji might be alive. He tells Sahil that he has to go to Delhi to take care of Vyas ji. Dua and Shlok bombard Neel with questions related to religion which he is unable to answer.

Neel tells them that they should not be bothered about religion but Dua asks him why do Ghazala and Mami keep fighting because of this. Chahat comes and says that she will tell them, she tells Neel that the kids need to understand things before mami or Ghazala can brainwash them. She demonstrates some things to both of them and tells that if they feel the same way about things then they are not different. She tells them that all religions teach people to be good and speak the truth and the people who fight on the name of religion are foolish. She tells them that humanity keeps everyone together just like in her and Neel’s case. The episode ends.

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