Qurbaan Hua 12th April 2021 Written Update: Will Dua reveal her mother’s name?

Qurbaan Hua 12th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Sahil goes to the shed in Dhyani house to execute his plan of killing Dua wearing Neel’s dress. He gets a call from Chahat who tells him that Dua and Shlok have become good friends and if the family finds out that they both are siblings then there will be trouble. Sahil asks her how does she know all this so she tells that she is staying in the house disguised as a servant. Sahil is shocked but apologizes for letting Dua go alone. He tries to brainwash Chahat saying that Neel might kill Dua if he finds out the she is Chahat’s daughter. Chahat shuts him up but Sahil is firm on killing Dua and blaming it on Neel.

At midnight Dua wakes up due to hunger and goes to kitchen to find something to eat. She finds a packet and of chips when Sahil sneaks in covering his face and finds Dua alone. He takes a vase to hit her one head, meanwhile Shlok wakes up and finds Dua missing. He sees Alka asleep on his side and feels that Dua might be in danger so he goes to check. Sahil goes close to Dua to hit her when she turns around and sees him. She thinks that it is Neel by watching his clothes, that moment Shlok comes and switches on the lights. Sahil runs away before being seen while Dua tells Shlok that his dad came to kill her.

Shlok tells her that his dad is in Rishikesh which convinces her. Shlok then says that they should go back to sleep. Next morning Dua tries to convince everyone that last night someone came to kill her but Mami tells her that no one would dare to come home as everyone knows about Neel’s anger. But Dua tells them that it seemed that last night Neel came, Alka gets angry on her for blaming Neel. Then she asks Dua to give her mom’s number so she gives the number. Chahat panics that her secret might come out so she quickly switches off her phone. Alka dials the number and finds it switched off so she tells Dua the same.

Dua says that her mom is a doctor and never keeps her phone off. Mami asks her what is the name of her mom, Chahat fears that her secret might come out so she intentionally spills water to distract Dua. Mami asks Chahat to clean the mess while she is worried that she might be exposed soon and has to find out Vyas ji’s truth and leave with Dua. Later, Chahat prepares food for Naveli but Alka says that she doesn’t need to be involved in her matters. Chahat says that she should take care of the family as she has taken place of Saraswati in this house.

Alka is surprised and asks her how does she know about Saraswati so Chahat tells that Bhopu told him about Saraswati. Alka says that she reminds her of a person whom she hates and then takes the plate for Naveli. Alka goes to Naveli’s room and finds her polishing Aalekh’s shoes. Alka confronts him that Naveli is not her servant but he says that she is doing it on her own will. Alka looks at Naveli and asks her to eat food but Aalekh takes the plate and says that Naveli has kept fast for him. Naveli agrees in fear while Aalekh tries to flirt with Alka.

Alka criticizes Aalekh for being so disgusting but he reminds her that Neel doesn’t love her nor she is related to this house and she should not try to interfere in any matters. She says that she won’t let Naveli suffer and goes out. Aalekh wonders why have these people suddenly started worrying for Naveli. At night Shlok tells Dua that he has an idea to catch the intruder if he comes again tonight. He shows her a mechanism he setup to capture the man’s photo, Dua is impressed by his courage and praises him. They switch off lights and wait for the intruder, Sahil comes again but the kids fall asleep. Sahil notices the mechanism to trap him and gets alert. He plays a video of Chahat asking for hell to bring Dua out. Dua hears her voice and goes out to check while Chahat sees her going out and is worried. Dua goes towards the shed with a stick and Sahil enters with a knife to kill her. The episode ends.

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