Qurbaan Hua 12th January 2021 Written Update: Neel is angry on Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 12th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Ghazala warns Vyas ji to stop Neel from forcing Chahat to betray religion for love. Neel asks Chahat to says that she loves him and want to live together but Chahat says that it was a wrong decision as everyone here is fighting because of their love and she can’t handle this chaos. She says that in the fight of love and religion, love has lost. Neel stops her from going but Mami pulls him back while Naveli takes the necklace from Chahat forcefully. Ghazala covers with a shawl and takes her along but Neel screams and tries to stop her.

Neel hopes for Chahat to turn back for his love but he doesn’t see her when she does, Vyas ji stops Neel from going behind her. He falls which makes Chahat panic and she screams but Ghazala forcefully takes her inside car. Neel runs behind them and tells Chahat he loves her but Ghazala tells the driver to close windows.

Aalekh and his men throw stone on the car but they also hit Neel which makes him fall, Chahat turns back and cries seeing him but both are helpless. She feels guilty for not being able to fight for their love but she also can’t risk her and his dad’s life for that. She remembers all the moments spent in that house and cries, she curses Ghazala and says that God will never forgive her for this.

Ghazala tells her she has betrayed their religion by loving Neel and now her punishment is that Neel will hate her forever as he will think that she cheated on him and left him alone on his tough days and will never be able to know that she has separated them. She says that Chahat will be her slave now onwards and her first order is that she should forget Neel else she will lose both her fathers. Ghazala takes Chahat home and treats her badly, she forces Chahat to follow her commands by threatening about Dr Baig.

Chahat says that true love can never be impure but Ghazala laughs and says that love stories are fictional and she should thank her for rescuing her from that house. Chahat says that she was staying there on her own will but Ghazala tells her that Neel will always see her as a girl who left her in tough times and he would be hating her now onwards.

 Meanwhile Neel remembers Chahat and time spent with her but also recalls Chahat leaving her alone and breaks all their photos in his room in anger. He thinks that she shouldn’t have let down their love like this and he can never forgive her for this.

Chahat tells Ghazala that Neel won’t misunderstand her and understand her but then asks Ghazala where is her dad. Ghazala shows her dad connected to a shock machine, she runs to him but clashes with a glass door. She asks Ghazala to open the door but Ghazala says this is due to all her deeds, Chahat asks her to punish her and leave her dad.

 Ghazala agrees but says that she has to prove that she is worth that favor by behaving nicely in front of some guests who are coming. Some people come there and give money for election campaign. Chahat realized that these people have come for her marriage when Ghazala introduces her to them.

The old man holds Chahat as Ghazala tells him that she will be his wife, Chahat is petrified and screams asking them to stop. She says that she is married which worries the old man but Ghazala somehow convinces him that she is lying. Ghazala sends them to guest room after which Chahat confronts her for thinking to get her married. She says that she won’t marry anyone but Ghazala slaps her and  threatens to kill her dad if she becomes a hurdle of her way. She gives shock to Baig which makes Chahat panic and she is lies helpless.

Aalekh receives a message from Ghazala which makes him happy and he celebrates while Mami plans to create a drama about all this. Ghazala threatens Chahat that if needed she will kill Baig, Vyas ji and Neel to win the election, Chahat feels helpless and breaks down. The episode ends.

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