Qurbaan Hua 15th September 2021 Written Update: The Blame now falls on Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 15th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat reveals to the entire family that the person behind the attack is not a man but a woman. The family was shocked to hear this and then all of them said that they will be with Chahat no matter what and will always support her. Chahat tells everyone that she hasn’t felt helpless like this ever before. Alaknanda tells Chahat to not take any tension and that she is also with her in her battle of finding the culprit.

Chahat goes to her room and sits there. She goes through a letter written by Neel to her. She remembers this letter was written when Naveli was getting married to Bhupinder and Neel too wanted to exchange his vows with Chahat.
Neel said all the written vows to Chahat. She got emotional while reading the letter. She remembered all the good and beautiful times she had spent with Neel. She remembered how they promised each other to grow old together and to maintain their love like this even till then. Chahat promised herself that she will do whatever it will take to get Neel free from the Jail. She then goes to her room where the kids were writing something.

Both Dua and Shlok were writing their wish to Lord Shiva a thousand times to free their father. Both of them remembered their good times with her and all the things he taught them. Chahat said that they don’t need to worry and just need to close their eyes to remember their father as she does that herself. She said that whenever she feels like being close to Neel she just closes her eyes and she feels him near her. She then got the kids to sleep.

Neel was lying in his cell when a cop came in and offered him food. Neel refused the food to which the cop replied that he would die if he doesn’t eat the food. Then the cop passed a comment on Chahat which infuriated Neel. Neel then dreamt of Chahat and found her there. Both of them shared sometime together. Chahat made him eat his food and when Neel tried to feed her, he realised that it was all a dream and Chahat was not there in reality. Neel got sad due to this.

Chahat was going through the letters once again in her room when Naveli came in to call her downstairs. She said that the police have arrived and are searching for her. Chahat came down and asked the police their reason to be in the house. The cops said that they have received a tip and that the person who had attacked Zain and Vyasji is present inside the house. Everyone in the family got shocked on hearing this. Chahat told the police that everyone in the family respects Vyasji and everyone loves Neel so the attacker could not be in the house. She then asked the cops to leave.

The officer started his search operation in the house. They searched a part of the house and then went to search Neel and Chahat’s room. While searching the cops found the same black trench coat and a diary in the cupboard. Chahat was shocked to see this. Alka then asked Chahat if she is the one behind the attack. The cops then said that they are releasing Neel from the Jail as the accusation is now on Chahat herself. Neel came back home and Chahat hugged him. She then told Neel to tell the cops that she is innocent. Neel did not seem to agree with her on this.

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