Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2021 Written Update: Vyasji Comes out of coma, Aalek Accepts his Crime

Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Everyone in the family is with Vyasji. He has started getting severe seizures. The kids start crying. Chahat asks the kids and everyone else to go down and pray for Vyasji’s health and she will remain in the room to treat her. Everyone agrees. The entire family is praying to the god for Vyasji’s health. Chahat starts treating him. She gave him an injection so that the seizures could stop. She tried all her medication.
She got a shock with what she saw and rushed downstairs. Neel and others came to her to ask about Vyasji and she was crying. When Neel asked her about the tears, she said that these are happy tears and asked everyone to look upstairs. Everyone jumped with joy when they saw Vyasji coming down the stairs. He had recovered from his coma.

Every member thanked god for this. Neel went closer to Vyasji and hugged him. Mami then told him that it was Alka who had attacked him and Zain. Vyasji could not believe what he just heard. He said that she got swayed away by all the negative thoughts and hence did such a crime.

Then he said that he will now get Chahat and Neel married again with all the happiness and joy and in both types of rituals, the Hindu marriage and the Islamic marriage as well so that the world could get a message that love is beyond any and every religion. The family started the preparation for the wedding. Chahat and Neel share a light moment just before their marriage.

Mami was sad with something and after being asked by Naveli and Bhupinder, she said that Aalek is going to carry the Alakh Jyot to the temple which was carried by Vyasji till now. She said that an evil person carrying a pure Light is a bad sign for the society.

The wedding process starts. Chahat and Neel get married first according to the Hindu customs and then the Islamic way. Everyone gave their blessings to them. On the other hand, Aalek was very happy that he was going to carry the Alakh Jyot and that he has waited all his life for this honour. This will make him the main mahant of the temple of Prayagraj. While the marriage was going on, Aalek carried the Jyot inside to mock Vyasji. He said that wont he bless him as he is going to carry the alakh Jyot. He started cursing the entire family and specially Chahat. Suddenly Aalek lost consciousness and the Jyot was about to fall from his hand. Neel caught hold of the Jyot and while Aalek was about to fall, Chahat saved him from falling as he would have fallen on a trident(trishul). When Aalek gained consciousness Bhupinder narrated to him what had happened to him. This incident changed Aalek completely. He could not believe that Chahat did this to him. He went downstairs and apologized to everyone, specially Chahat and Vyasji. He then requested Vyasji to take back his position as the main mahant of the temple as he a negative person like him does not deserve this position. Everyone was astonished to hear this from Aalek. Vyasji said that he does not have the capacity to forgive him and only lord Shiva could forgive him.

Then the police came inside the house. Aalek said that he has called the cops as he wanted to confess his crime of killing Neel’s sister Saraswati. Neel’s happiness knew no bounds and he broke into tears. Vyasji hugged Saraswati’s picture and the cops took away Aalek. Everything is finally settled in the family. Everyone is happy. Chahat and Neel hug each other.

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