Qurbaan Hua 19th April 2021 Written Update: Shlok stands up for Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 19th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Alka feels happy seeing Shlok’s love and concern for her and says that she will make his favorite halwa for him. After she goes Shlok cries and asks Dua why is marrying someone so important for relationship. He says that Aalekh always keeps taunting Alka saying that she is not married to Neel and she doesn’t have any right over this house. He wishes that Neel and Alka should get married some way so that these problems end. Dua hugs him to console him and recalls her time becoming friends with him.

Dua tells Shlok that they will think of a plan to get Neel and Alka married somehow. Shlok is surprised and asks her what if her mom takes her away. She says that she has played a big role in making him mahant and still he is scared. She promises him that she won’t leave till the time his parents don’t get married which makes him happy. They go back to their room while Alka who has overhead them breaks down thinking that she might get married to Neel but he will never love her as he only loves Chahat.

Next morning Aalekh sneaks out of the house with lunch box and goes in his car. Chahat hides her face and follows him in her car in the hope of finding Neel and Vyas ji. Aalekh stops in front of a godown and takes an iron rod with him to beat Neel to take out his frustration. Chahat reaches there and follows him inside, she also takes a rod for safety. She slowly goes inside but finds no one there much to her surprise. She is disappointed to find no one but wonders where is Aalekh.

Aalekh and Sahil out Neel and Vyas ji in another van while Aalekh asks him whether he is sure someone is following him. Sahil recalls seeing Chahat outside when Aalekh came inside and hurriedly taking Neel and Vyas ji out of that place. Sahil is relieved that Aalekh did not see Chahat while he asks him who did he see. Sahil tells that it was the servant Top Singh so Aalekh gets enraged on his daring. Sahil instigates him to fire him from job. Shlok is worried for Dua as she is having pain in her stomach. He thinks if writing a letter to Neel commanding him to get married to Alka as Mahant’s authority. Naveli tells him that Neel will not agree and that Vyas ji has tried to convince him many times.

Naveli says that Neel doesn’t listen to anyone except for Chahat. That moment Aalekh comes there and hears her, he confronts her for taking that name. He beats her for taking that name while Naveli pleads to him not to hit her. Shlok tells her no one is beating her so she realizes that it was her imagination. Shlok asks her who was the person Neel listened to. Aalekh comes there and angrily orders her to go to her room and Shlok also goes behind her. Aalekh thinks that he has to deal with Top Singh somehow. Shlok is concerned about Naveli and decides to complain to Neel about Aalekh. But before that he has to find the person to whom Neel listens, he thinks that there might be some photo of that person in the family album. He starts looking for pictures but doesn’t find anything which upsets him.

Chahat massages Naveli’s leg but she requests her to go from here else Aalekh will see. Chahat tries to encourage her to raise her voice against him but Naveli says that he has never misbehaved with her. Chahat says that she doesn’t believe her and asks why is she taking side of a person who tortures her. Aalekh shouts at Naveli for letting another man touch her, Chahat tries to defend Naveli but he is about to raise his hand on Chahat. Naveli stops him but Aalekh reminds her that he has done a favour by marrying her after she ran away with Sahil. He is about to slap Naveli but Chahat holds his hand and criticizes him for his dirty mind but his ego is affected and he warns Chahat that she should not be visible in this house again else he will kill her. Shlok comes in between and says that as mahant he is ordering that Chahat won’t go anywhere. The episode ends.

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