Qurbaan Hua 19th October 2020 Written Update: Chahat sees Ghazala’s face

Qurbaan Hua 19th October 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat sits in cow shed and prays while she hears some footsteps and gets scared but finds that it is Neel. He asks her what she was doing that she got scared so she shows her the tasbi and says that she was chattering God’s name and Neel recalls that Saraswati also gave him a mala and asked him to say Om namoh shivay 101 times.

Neel then tells her that he asked Bhopu to call as an inspector and say that a person saw the one who sent message from Chahat’s phone. He tells her that he said all this in front of Naveli and that she will tell her boyfriend and he will definitely come to hospital to take the evidence and he will catch him that time.

Ghazala and Naveli worry about the proof thing and Ghazala asks Naveli for helping her clearing the evidence else she will be caught but Naveli refuses to help. She says that she didn’t ask for any help and she herself offered help and has got into trouble now.

Neel says that Chahat won’t come to hospital as she might get attacked by her boyfriend but Chahat asks what will she do staying here. Neel says that he will wear some clothes and she will be his Photographer. Neel poses and she starts clicking but she notices hole in his jeans and realizes she must have done it while ironing.

Neel asks her what happened so she tells him about the hole in his jeans so he says that he was roaming around everywhere wearing this pant and the people who saw it what must they have thought. She apologizes for that mistake but he says it’s ok and praises his physique.

Neel says he will change and leave for the hospital and asks Chahat to make a stekch of that place and send him for his help so she agrees. Ghazala thinks how to reach the hospital before Neel does, when he is about to leave she offers him rahi cheeni and he eats it and leaves. She had mixed sedative in it so that he falls unconscious while driving and does in accident.

Neel leaves on his scooter while Chahat draws the blueprint of the hospital and marks three ways from where Naveli’s boyfriend can enter the hospital without being noticed. Chahat calls Neel and tells home that she has sent him a picture and marked some places which can be used by Naveli’s boyfriend, he sees it but also feels dizzy and says that he will take care and cuts the phone. Chahat hears Golu crying and calls for Mami and Sunita but no one answers and she tries to find Sunita. She goes to Ghazala’s room and gets a familiar smell and finds something that mostly Muslims use and wonders why does she have it.

Chahat recalls that her dad used to get this for Ghazala and wonders that she might have met Ghazala and might have stolen it. She recalls her giving every information and thinks that she must be enemies to both families and might be related to Saraswati’s death and decide to inform everyone about her. She tries calling Neel but he doesn’t pick up so she decides to go to hospital and inform him.

She reaches hospital and doesn’t find Neel and worries. She goes to room number 4 and hears someone coming so hides. Ghazala enters the room and finds someone lying on the bed and thinks of killing the person but Chahat stops her and sees her face which shocks her.

Chahat feels shocked seeing Ghazala and asks her if her dad is ok but then asks what is she doing here with a knife. Ghazala says that she has no right to ask about Baig as she married a guy who ruined their hospital and life and brought them to poverty. She asks how does she know about her and Neel’s marriage to which Ghazala doesn’t have an answer. The episode ends.