Qurbaan Hua 21st January 2021 Written Update: Neel’s truth comes out

Qurbaan Hua 21st January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Ghazala screams in the house which brings everyone there, Dadi ammi asks her why is she screaming so shows her the thread that brahmans tie and says that she found it in front of the worker’s bathroom. Neel realizes that he forgot to wear it after taking bath. Dadi ammi is confused as all workers here are supposed to be Muslim but Ghazala says that someone among these workers is a Hindu. Dadi ammi gets angry and asks that person to come forward himself else face consequences. Ghazala says that to find out who is Hindu, they will make all workers read kalma.

Chahat tries to stop this from happening but Ghazala doesn’t agree and Dadi ammi also shuts Chahat up an sends Chahat to her room. All the workers do as said but Neel is a bit scared, Ghazala asks Neel to read kalma. He goes forward and reads it rightly much to Ghazala’s surprise, but actually Chahat is telling him all that on phone to help him. Chahat bus relieved that all went right, she recalls giving him an earpiece so that she could guide him to give right answers whenever he is asked a question. Dadi ammi is also convinced that Ghazala is making a fuss out of nothing and then asks Neel to take him to dargah.

Ghazala is disappointed but decides to expose him any how as it is needed for her winning election. Ghazala tells Aalekh on call that Neel is alive and staying at her house, he asks her to kill him but she says that she will expose Neel in front of Vyas ji which will give him a nasty shock. She tells him a plan to make this possible and he hears. He then goes downstairs and tells everyone that he has somehow convinced the villagers to not boycott them, mama ji is happy but Aalekh says that they have a condition that Vyas ji should do a prayshchit Yates. Vyas ji agrees to this so Aalekh goes to bring the jot and gives to Vyas ji. They all leave and then Aalekh informs Ghazala that Vyas ji has left.

Dadi ammi makes Chahat select a marriage gown but that moment Ghazala comes and requests her to go with her for election campaign. Ghazala says that she wants to get public attention and also asks to take Chahat and Neel with them. Chahat feels that something is wrong and Neel also says something is fishy. Vyas ji and his people are on yatra while Ghazala is on campaign. Media people cover the yatra news while Dadi ammi asks Ghazala how far are they from their destination. They and Vyas ji come across each other at a turning. Chahat is shocked and happy at seeing Vyas ji while Aalekh signals Ghazala to start the drama.

Ghazala criticizes Vyas ji and tells Dadi ammi that he is the person who is responsible for their destruction and imprisoned Chahat. Dadi ammi says that  they would spare them today but Aalekh says that they won’t leave and they will fight if needed. Vyas ji says that he doesn’t want any violence and asks them to take back their car but Ghazala denies moving back and then asks Neel to remove them from here by hook or crook. Chahat tries to convince Ghazala to go back but Dadi ammi interrupts and orders Neel to remove Vyas ji and his people from way.

Neel hesitates while Ghazala enjoys seeing this and waits for Neel to tell his truth. Neel goes forward but Chahat runs to stop Neel but Dadi ammi holds her. Ghazala gives Neel a stick to beat Vyas ji and others but Chahat screams to stop him. Neel throws the stick out of frustration, he turns to Dadi ammi and says that he can’t do this. She asks him why he can’t follow her orders so he tells that Vyas ji is his dad, everyone is shocked as Neel reveals his real self. Chahat goes forward and holds his hand and says that he is the guy who she loves.

Aalekh criticizes Neel for wearing this Muslim attire while Ghazala also starts criticizing Neel for making their house impure. Neel and Chahat shout together that they haven’t done any sin and just loved each other and their love is pure. They stop their families from fighting but Dadi ammi pushes Chahat away. She is about to hit Vyas ji with stick but Chahat stops her. The episode ends.

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