Qurbaan Hua 21st September 2020 Written Update: Chahat gets disappointed

Qurbaan Hua 21st September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel asks Ghazala where is Dr Baig and she tells him that he was here but he got a call and went out. Neel and Aalekh go to find him while Ghazala thinks of finding before he gets caught. Chahat looks for Dr Baig while Ghazala fails to find him so decides to leave without him.

She tells the driver to find him and take him away and she moves but see Neel and Aalekh so hides her face. Neel stops Ghazala and asks her how she knows Baig and asks her to come with them. She tries to refuse but Aalekh threatens to call the cops so she has to agree unwillingly.

At home Ghazala stands in front of everyone hiding her face where Mami says that she is involved with Baig. She asks her to remove her veil but she refuses so Aalekh forcibly pulls off the veil. Vyas ji gets angry on Aalekh for being so disrespectful and also scolds Mami for her behavior.

Ghazala realizes that they don’t know her and Vyas ji apologizes to her but then asks her why she was helping Baig. Meanwhile Chahat spots a man in PPE kit and asks him to stay away but a ward boy comes to tell something when the driver pulls him inside.

The driver takes Dr Baig with him while the ward boy tells Chahat that he had put the daisy flowers in the ward. Chahat feels upset about her hopes being shattered. At home, Vyas ji angrily asks Ghazala to tell everything.

She then lies and says that she stays on outskirts of Dev Prayag and found Dr Baig injured at her doorstep one day and he told her some goons were behind him forcing him to do organ smuggling so she let him stay at her house, she tells him that he asked her to help her go to hospital for taking money and she had no knowledge of this murder case.

Ghazala says she is now scared to go home and then mama ji suggests that she could be kept as Kripa’s babysitter. Ghazala worries as she can’t stay here but Vyas ji says that she is not needed to be kept here and can be sent to widow ashram.

She takes the bag but Neel asks her why is she taking the bag so she says that she has her clothes in it so mama ji takes out the clothes and give her asking her to leave the bag here. Aalekh calls her to come along while Mama ji asks Vyas ji what to do with the money. This worries Ghazala and she thinks of a way to aquire the bag and she acts to fall down.

Vyas ji asks Mami to take her to guest room. Vyas ji feels regret for losing Saraswati’s culprit but vows to catch him soon. Later, Ghazala sees Mami and Naveli luring over the jewels. Neel looks for Chahat and finds her on road and thinks she found Baig but then finds out that it is a dog she is sitting with.

He asks her what she is doing with the dog and she tells him that he wanders in the hospital compound. Neel tells him about the ceremony taking place at home and asks her to come home.

Chahat tells Neel that she won’t be needing to come to hospital from tomorrow and by mistake tells him that she felt that her dad was there. She says that he dad would have felt very proud watching her serving the covid patients but then stops talking about it.

She then goes to take her clothes while Neel wonders how will Chahat react if she finds out that Dr Baig came here just to take money and ran away. The episode ends.