Qurbaan hua 23rd March 2020 Written Update: Neil meets with a girl named Chahat accidentally

Qurbaan hua 23rd March 2020 Written Update on Tellyexpress.com

Episode begins with Kishore is guiding a foreigner about the holy places and its aesthetic beauties around. He is introducing things to him along with the other important places and that person is also roaming around with him to know about the place and how people live there. Kishore brings the tourist to the temple area and telling him that people are gathering here because dear means this burning lamp which the main priest of the temple is going to keep on his head and then he will perform a huge Puja regarding it.

On the other side, fire breaks out inside a building. A woman is stuck inside and she is asking for help. Neil goes inside to help the needy person but he gets to know that shooting is going on inside the building and there is nothing serious. His friend asked why did you so work up to help a needy person every day? What kind of a hobby is this? He says I learnt this from my elder sister because she always does a good work birthday so that my little brother can be happy and successful in life.

comes the introduction of Saraswati, the elder sister of Neil who is pregnant but she is one of the most caring soul of the house who looks after her husband and his work along with her father’s health and his morals too. She loves me like no other and she believes he can never let anybody down because you raised up Neil like her own son. Neil works for a restaurant as he is a certified chef and he has rakhi tied in his hand and it will be there for one long year. Neil says to his boss that I will not check out this rakhi from my hand but if you say I will not use one hand and we still cook the food with the other hand.

Saraswati is waiting for you to come with the 56th food item for the “56 bhog” to get completed. Neil prepared the food items for the puja. However, there was someone who took the bank of sweets which Neil prepared for the Puja from the restaurant and flew away from there with the bike. Neil also follows the black and he finally realised that the rider of the bike is a girl. He decides to follow her and he ends up reaching a place where they cannot see any other way out. He gets to know that the girl is helping out that kids got trapped in child trafficking and he didn’t complain anymore and is trying to reach his home as soon as possible because everybody else is asking for him and waiting for him to come and join the pooja along with his father.

Mr Vyas expressed his displeasure regarding the behaviour of her son and attitude towards him and his morals. Neil gets a ticket of the bus to reach his destination as soon as possible but again coincidentally he meets with Chahat and she doesn’t believed in the circle of meeting her again and again.

Precap – Neil reached home, the family members are angry with him while Chahat gets a bit more concerned as she is a daughter of Dr.Baig. and herself is a doctor too.