Qurbaan Hua 25th August 2020 Written Update: Will Chahat catch Aalekh and Naveli together?

Qurbaan Hua 25th August 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat gets impressed by Neel’s efforts but Bhupendar says that not even one singhori has been sold yet. Meanwhile Neel roams around in streets to sell them and a man comes but he only has 20 rupees to offer.

Neel gives him both the boxes for free and asks him to pray for him to sell the singhoris. Chahat sees all this and feels bad for him so she decides to help him out. She goes to bakery and gives some money to Bhupendar and tells him a plan.

Bhupendar calls Neel and tells him that they have got an order for 4 kg singhoris. He gets overjoyed by this and starts making more. Chahat tries to help him but burns her hand. He takes care of her while Chahat develops some feelings for him while they have an eyelock.

 Bhupendar comes and praises the scene but Neel asks him to focus on work instead. After making he asks Bhupendar to give the address but Chahat says that h doesn’t need to go. Bhupendar also says that he should go home and gives him money.

Chahat says that she is very hungry and requests him to go home and he goes. Then Bhupendar asks Chahat what to do with the 4kg singhori and she says that she has the idea for that as well.

 Neel reaches home with some vegetables and asks mama ji to tell everyone that he has bought things with his hard earned money and everyone should eat food today, which makes Vyas ji happy. Chahat comes home with the singhoris and thinks about calling someone from the hospital to take this for the hospital staff.

Later Neel serves everyone food and requests Vyas ji to eat more. Vyas ji says that before him god and then Chahat have the right to eat the food. Chahat is about to eat food but mama ji interrupts and asks Neel to feed her with his own hands.

He first resists but then agrees and feeds her. Mami goes out to keep the food in front of Tulsi plant and notices a basket. She sees singhoris in it and guesses that Chahat must have made a plan to help Neel earn money.

Mami thinks of a plan and goes in to give some to Vyas ji and others. Vyas ji eats it and says it’s seeming to be made by Neel. Mami tells Neel that the basket was kept outside which shocks Chahat.

Mami brings in the basket which shocks Neel and says that Chahat might have made the order to make Neel earn money. Neel stares Chahat with anger while she apologizes. Vyas ji thinks she is covering up for him and lashes out at Neel.

Chahat tries to tell Vyas ji that she did everything but he shuts her up. Vyas ji says that Neel doesn’t deserve to stay here while he also says he doesn’t want to stay here either. He goes out despite Chahat’s attempt to stop him.

Aalekh gets happy and praises Mami in front of Naveli. They both do some romance while Chahat goes outside house to find Neel when she hears a sound that comes from Naveli’s room. She thinks it’s Neel and goes in to check and sees Naveli and Aalekh inside. The episode ends.