Qurbaan Hua 26th January 2021 Written Update: Mami throws Chahat down from terrace

Qurbaan Hua 26th January 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat goes out after giving medicines, Mami comes in that moment and finds the medicine box open. She sees Chahat jumping out of the window and makes a fuss out of it, she scolds Chahat for sneaking in like thieves and says that she is not supposed to come in this house. Chahat says that she didn’t intend to make this house impure and just came to give medicine to Bata ji. Mami ji goes to terrace and finds stairs and throws it down. She then asks her to go down now but Chahat is scared as she knows she will be hurt if she jumps. Mami pushes her down and Chahat sceams, Neel comes there on time and catches Chahat.

Neel asks Chahat how she fell down and what was she doing up there. Mami says that she was inside the house that’s why she pushed her down. She says that she wouldn’t have been hurt by falling from here, she says that she would have just broken some bones. Neel is furiated and bursts out at Mami saying that he didn’t expect she would stoop down so low. Aalekh shows a Muslim locket and says that this was below Vyas ji’s pillow. Mami tries to manipulate Neel saying that Chahat is trying to change Vyas ji’s religion and she has done God’s work by throwing Chahat down. Neel says that he has done God’s work by saving her and that is how their thoughts are different.

Chahat says that no religion teaches to hurt people, she also says to Neel that she didn’t keep the locket there and thinks that Aalekh must have done this. Aalekh shouts at her but Neel says that if Chahat gets hurt then he will destroy everyone. They both go to their shed, Neel then scolds Chahat for risking her life for giving medicine and says that this is the reason he doesn’t want to stay here. Neel says that she couy have been hurt and is very stubborn. She then circles date on calendar and says that their first fight after marriage. Neel says that people fight jwth the person whom they love, he makes a joke to to make her smile.

Chahat asks Neel where he went so he tells that he went to find a job as there is a need of money. She says that they will both do job and handle the expenses. Chahat asks Neel to get some more til and gur when he comes from market, he agrees but Neel is distressed that no one is ready to give him job because if his marriage. He sees an old pithu lifting a man but facing problem, he says that he will lift the man instead, the man thanks him and tells that he has to take this man uphill. Neel lifts the man and walks, he drops the man. He gets a call from his friend who asks him to send him some of his handmade laddoos. Neel agrees but says that he has to become a pithu for the time being.

Neel says that no one is giving him job and he has to earn money, his friend says that he should remember Chahat’s smile whenever he is stressed. He asks Neel to send him laddoos and he will transfer money for his laddoos. Neel is happy to receive some money but that moment Chahat’s Dadi ammi comes and taunts him for being rebel in love.

He avoids her and goes but she stops him and asks him to drop her to the Dargah up hill. Neel makes her sit and lifts her and starts walking, but she continues taunting him. He drops her and she gives him lot of money but he says that it doesn’t cost this much.

Dadi ammi says that she is giving this money so that he can keep Chahat well, but Neel says that she has no complains from him. Dadi ammi says that he should not give her a chance to complain for his self esteem. He says that he can give Chahat sufficient food from his earnings, he takes just 100 rupees and leaves. Aalekh brings Vyas ji out in lawn but Chahat asks him to not bring him out in this condition, he mocks Chahat. That moment Dadi ammi comes and Chahat feels happy to see her, Dadi ammi doesn’t let her hug her and says that she just came to check if she is alive.

Chahat looks for water to give her but faces problem due to shortage of water, she requests Mami to open water supply but she says that water is not available for other religion people. Dadi ammi says that they are worse than animals and threatens to destroy them if they harm Chahat. Chahat requests her to leave and not create a scene, she says that these people will detroy her life one day and leaves. The episode ends.

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