Qurbaan Hua 26th November 2020 Written Update: Chahat tells Neel about her motive

Qurbaan Hua 26th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat feels herself from the constable and asks inspector why he is arresting them and inspector says they should be ashamed of doing anything anywhere. She starts fighting that she will do whatever she wants but Neel stops her and explains that he is thinking the wrong way but she doesn’t understand.

She keeps fighting but Neel somehow tells her through signal what the inspector is thinking which makes her embarrassed as she understands what he is saying. Inspector criticizes Neel for doing this wrong business but he clears himself. Chahat says that Neel can’t force himself on her and that he is her husband and Neel agrees.

Neel shows him his identity card without realizing that he has a changed face so inspector confronts him. Chahat tells the inspector that he had a face surgery but he doesn’t believe her so Neel calls Vyas ji to make him talk to the inspector. Inspector talks to Vyas ji and requests him to come to Swastik lodge to confirm Neel’s identity

. Vyas ji’s shocked while Aalekh hears the name of lodge from  Vyas ji and fears he might get caught so he also goes. Neel blames Chahat for bringing him here but she says that this is only way to get information from that man. The inspector interrupts but Neel blames her for fighting and says that she has ego.

Chahat and Neel are handcuffed due to their fight but Chahat says she wants to go to washroom so he asks them to go together if they are husband wife. They go to the washroom where Chahat takes out a pin from her saree but he feels embarrassed. She says she is going to open the handcuffs with this but he resists her out of fear.

The shower gets open due to their ruckus due to which he scolds her that she will fall ill due to this. He stands in front of her to cover her and after w while she switches off the water. The constable shouts for them to come out so they go out. She goes to the man to ask questions but Neel asks what is happening. She tells him that she came here because she wanted to get some information from this man.

Vyas ji comes at that time and scolds them for coming to this lodge and the inspector opens their cuffs. Aalekh signals the man to run away so he runs but Neel chases him and catches him. Neel asks Chahat what she wants from him so she tells that he made a fake statue of the one their temple and that day the statue was at the factory.

 Vyas ji asks who could have done it so she gives a theory that the person might have wanted to steal the real statue and that day in panic, he might have attacked Neel. Neel gets enraged and asks him who asked him to make the fake statue so the man tells that Bhopu asked him to do the work.

Aalekh feels relieved as he informed the man earlier to take Bhopu’s name. Neel doesn’t believe him but Aalekh manipulates him by saying that Bhopu might have done it out of poverty but Neel doesn’t approve his theory.

The inspector says they have to investigate Bhopu’s bakery and Aalekh manipulates him. Neel fears that they might catch Baig if they check the bakery. They all reach there while Neel fears they might find Baig, Chahat notices his stress and asks him but he doesn’t tell anything clearly. A constable goes to inner room and Neel goes in and finds Baig missing.

Bhopu comes and Neel tells him about the matter when a constable finds the fake statue. Bhopu tells them that he didn’t do this but Neel slaps him saying that if he wanted money he could have asked for it instead of all this.

 Chahat says that she herself kept the statue in her room and wonders how did this come here. A constable brings Baig’s clothes so the inspector asks him who does it belong to but he and Neel go speeches and Neel fears he would tell any Baig. The episode ends.

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