Qurbaan Hua 27th July 2020 Written Update: Neel saves Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 27th July 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat reaches a place where she sees woods arranged for bornfire and hides inside it. Some people come at home for inviting Vyas ji but Aalekh says he might not be able to join them. But Vyas ji comes and says she would like to join the Asur dahan but asks them to take precautions and that no one should be invited accept for his family. Neel searches for Chahat and a pandit comes and tells him about the ceremony and when the lights are turned on Chahat sees the setup and thinks about what is this ritual of asur dahan.

Neel’s family arrives and Chahat worries that they might see her. Vyas ji says to Neel that he should have brought Chahat along but he lies that she is busy shopping. Mama ji says that it would be better if Chahat had come but then Neel says that they should start the pooja without delay. Chahat is still insecure of what they are going to do. Vyas ji lights a Diya and prays.

Meanwhile Dr Baig says Chahat’s name in sleep. Ghazala and Akram discuss about insurance money and the frustration they are going through and asks Akram to not switch on her phone before morning. Meanwhile Neel and others pray and keep looking towards the bonfire. Chahat realizes that this bunch of woods has been kept here for burning. She gets scared knowing this. Vyas ji lights the woods with fire and everyone prays. Chahat is petrified because of the fire and feels breathless.

Neel then decides to go and find Chahat but then notices her piece of clothes lying out of the bunch and realizes that she is inside. He shouts at her to come out of the fire but she falls unconscious. He somehow pulls her out of the fire while the family members get shocked seeing her. At home Vyas hi questions how did she reach inside the bunch of woods. Neel says that it is Dr Baig’s trick and he sent goons who put Chahat in that bunch of woods.

Vyas ji says his hatred for Dr Baig is increasing day by day. He asks mama ji to get a doctor for Chahat. Mami says that she will apply haldi on her wounds but Neel fears that she might find the diary so he says that he would do it. They all leave while Mami ji discusses with Aalekh that she can’t digest the fact that Dr Baig sent goons after Chahat instead of Neel or Vyas ji. But Aalekh says that Dr Baig is very nice person in real and he can’t send goons so this is someone’s else’s doing.

Neel tries find the diary and gets it. Mami says that how did Neel just guess that Dr Baig sent goons but Aalekh says that there is something fishy between them which they are hiding. Neel sees Ghazala’s name in the diary with last two digits missing but he decides to try different combinations to find Baig. Aalekh says to Mami they would have to contact Chahat’s family to find out the truth. Neel notes down the number while Chahat starts saying something out of fear in sleep. She continuously mentions her mom in restlessness and Neel does everything to calm her down and she lives down. The episode ends.