Qurbaan Hua 27th July 2021 Written Update: Ghazala wins over the custody of Dua

Qurbaan Hua 27th July 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Dua goes to Alaknanda to tell her that she is the best mother in the World and hugs her after winning the competition. Chahat breaks down after hearing this. Neel tries to console her by saying that Dua is just a child and she doesn’t know what to say or believe. Chahat leaves for the house emotionally. Neel then confronts Alaknanda and tells her to stay away from his child and also to stop playing with her mind. He said he doesn’t want his child to be around someone who can even go for unfair means to win in a competition. Alaknanda is hurt by this.

Ghazala meets Dua after the competition and tells her that she is very proud of her. She also says that she gets very sad because she couldn’t meet Dua regularly as her mother Chahat stops her from meeting Dua. Ghazala then says that whom would she like to live with, he mother who doesn’t care about her at all or her grand mother who loves her more than anything in this world. Dua accepts the goodies that Ghazala had bought for her. Ghazala smiles as she seems to be succeeding in her plan. Neel and Chahat discuss about Dua.

Neel says that Dua is a child now and doesn’t understand what she is doing for her and hence is hating her right now. She will understand everything when she gets old and will love you even more then. Chahat says that Dua will hate her even more and might even leave her. Neel says that nothing of this sort is going to happen. He says that they are her parents and whatever they will do for her will only be for her better future and even if they have to get strict with her for that then they have to do it. Chahat thanks Neel for being there for her. They share a private moment with each other.

Chahat brings Dua her favourite breakfast but she refuses to eat. Alaknanda too brings Pizza for her. Chahat gets angry on seeing Alaknanda and tells her that from now on only she will do everyting for Dua and Alaknanda need not do anything. Alaknanda says that whatever she did was only to see Dua happy and Chahat cannot keep her away from Dua. Chahat says that yes she can ask her to stay away from her as she is her mother. Both of them hear shouts and reach out to it.
Both of them see Neel asking Ghazala to stay away from the house. Ghazala tells everybody that she has won custody of Dua. She then showed them a video she recorded of Dua that she had also showed to the judge. She said that the family now only has twenty four hours to be with Dua because after that Dua will get to decide whom she wants to be with in her future. Neel tries to attack Ghazala again but is stopped by Chahat who tells him that Aalek is recording everything. Aalek then teases Chahat and tells her that how will she feel when Dua will leave her forever from the next day and start living with her grandmother.

Mami too blames Chahat for the hatred Dua has for her. Vyasji asks Mami to keep quiet as Chahat is never at fault and whatever happiness is there in the family is only because of her. Chahat and Neel later discuss whether Dua will accept her or not the next day. Neel tells her that she will definitely accept her as he has sent Shlok to talk to Dua and he is a mature boy and will handle her properly. Shlok makes a house for Dua’s puppy to make her happy and then starts talking to her about Chahat and why she loves her so much and also the reason behind her anger on her. Dua seems to be understanding the situation. Neel and Chahat feel really happy seeing their kids talk like this.

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