Qurbaan Hua 28th November 2020 Written Update: Neel asks Chahat to express her feelings

Qurbaan Hua 28th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Chahat tells the lady that the bangle she is wearing is of theft and it belongs to Dhyani family. The lady doesn’t tell her anything so Chahat threatens to call police and clicks her pictures with the bangle. She asks her who gave this bangle, while Neel is left shocked by the fact that Baig saved his life whereas he was hell bent on killing him.

 The lady tells Chahat that she didn’t buy this bangle from some jewelry shop and a man sold this to her. Chahat wonders that only Aalekh could have sold this and asks the lady who sold it so she says that her friend made her meet him but doesn’t know her name.

Dr Baig starts coughing badly which makes Neel panic and he tries to contact a doctor but fails, so he calls Chahat. He says that there is a patient who is coughing and having breathing problem and asks what to do, she offers to come to the location but he denies and asks her to tell her on phone. She explains him what to do to stop the coughing and Neel cuts the phone. Neel looks for a steamer and suddenly finds one on table and cold balm and towel also appear mysteriously as someone keeps them in front of him.

Neel makes Baig sit and gives him steam. Meanwhile at home, Chahat shows the vidoe recording to everyone which proves Bhopu’s innocence. Vyas ji asks who would want to steal the statue from temple if it was not Bhopu. Neel handles Baig and asks for a bowl when a bowl comes suddenly, Neel then asks Bhopu to come out of hiding.

Bhopu comes out with a mask as Neel makes Baig lie down. Neel asks him about the mask so he says that he asked him not to show him how face and respects him a lot. Bhopu says that he didn’t steal the statue and Neel says he knows, he apologizes for his behavior earlier and hugs him.

Chahat tells Vyas ji that the statue maker was so scared of the man who gave him the order and there might be a chance that that person tried to kill Neel that day. Mama ji asks Chahat to immediately inform Neel that Bhopu is innocent, she sends Neel the video of Bhopu’s innocence.

 Neel says that before this he had found out that he is innocent, Bhopu asks him how so he tells that Chahat gave him her heart and he saw through her eyes. Chahat goes to Aalekh’s room and says that she wants the bangle that Neel had made for Saraswati. Bhopu says that their love story has finally begun but Neel shuts him up, but wonders whether it is true.

Aalekh panics after Chahat’s demand and asks why she wants it so she says that she wants to get similar bangles made for Kripa. She leaves him speechless so he goes to check in his cupboard and says he can’t find it right now. Chahat’s doubt comes out to be true and she decides to expose him. Chahat goes and calls the lady to ask about the meeting so she tells that she will fix a meeting and tell her and Chahat warns her against any foul play.

Chahat goes to room and finds Neel who expresses his guilt for misunderstanding Bhopu, she says that everyone does mistakes but he should move on now. Neel gets emotional recalling Bhopu’s words about Chahat and hugs her tightly.

He then makes her sit and closes her eyes, he asks her to feel her heart and think about a person whom she loves and cares for and see the face of that person. She thinks about what he says and sees Neel’s face, and becomes restless.

 Neel asks her who did she see so she says that she was thinking about something else. Neel receives a message on phone regarding delivery of Chahat’s hall ticket and rushes to take it before someone else does.  He sees the ticket in Vyas ji’s hand and panics, he starts drama to distract him and somehow takes the hall ticket. Next day Chahat is giving exam when Vyas ji comes there as a guest which panics Chahat and she hides her face. The episode ends.

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