Qurbaan Hua 28th September 2020 Written Update: Is this Chahat’s end?

Qurbaan Hua 28th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel sees Chahat lying on ground and she asks him to take her to cow shed so he takes her. She asks him to take out and injection of antidode but he says he doesn’t know how to give injection so he rushes to get his phone for calling doctor. Inside, Vyas ji asks Aalekh to start the aarti to end the ceremony but mama ji asks him to wait for Neel and Chahat but he denies and asks Aalekh to start the aarti.

Neel takes his phone and prays to God to save Chahat. He goes to Chahat while trying to call doctor but he doesn’t pick up. Chahat says she has very less time left so he quickly opens the bag and asks which injection it is.

Chahat takes out a quill but it falls from Neel’s hand which panics both. Neel asks if there is another injection but she says it was the only one. He realizes that the car isn’t here so decides to take Chahat to hospital on a pulling cart. He puts her in it and ties her to keep her still, after which he pulls the cart and goes.

Mama ji feels restless during the aarti while Neel takes Chahat and asks her to keep her eyes open. He keeps talking to her to keep her awake while she struggles to stay awake. Neel remembers the torture done to her and regrets. He sees a Muslim priest and requests her to bless her for her life, after which he goes quickly.

Neel reaches a clinic but finds it locked and calls the doctor but gets no response. Chahat’s condition worsens as she spits out some blood. Neel breaks the door of the clinic and puts her on a bed and looks for the poison’s antidote. He asks Chahat to tell her which one is the antidote and after some time he finds the right quill.

She tells him that he should give her 2 ml of that antidote through injection while Neel trembles. Chahat says she has very less time left and is pain and starts losing her consciousness. Neel puts the antidote in the injection and asks which vein to put the injection in.

Neel’s hands tremble a lot and he is not able to give her injection and tries to calm himself by following an advice Chahat had once given him. After a lot of struggle he injects the antidote and asks if he did it right. She says that he vision is blurring and says she might not survive.

 She requests him to trust her that her dad didn’t kill Saraswati. But Neel yells that she has to prove her dad innocent and she has to live for that but she says she is being punished for her sins.

Neel says that she is the most pure hearted person he has ever met but she says that she has betrayed Vyas ji so many times and remembers her moments with him and the lies she has said. She tells Neel that she has betrayed him by fake marriage and many lies while he gave her Saraswati’s place but he doesn’t even know that she is Muslim and that is why she is being punished for all this. Neel asks her to shut up and says she will be fine.

Chahat holds his hand and requests him to seek forgiveness from Vyas ji for her after which she gets unconscious. Neel is freaked out and breaks down seeing her like this while other family members continue doing the aarti. Neel thinks that Chahat is dead but to find out what happens next, stay tuned.

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