Qurbaan Hua 29th December 2020 Written Update: Chahat is worried about Kripa

Qurbaan Hua 29th December 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Meera curses Chahat while walking and falls down when Aalekh sees him. He asks her why is she here so Meera says that Neel was completely intoxicated and with her but Chahat came and took him away. She asks him why did he help her so Aalekh makes excuse of Saraswati. But Meera notices his uneasiness and asks if he has any feelings for Chahat which makes Aalekh shocked. Meera laughs out loud and says she was just kidding so Aalekh scolds her for being not serious about all this. Meera says that their plan didn’t fail as Chahat’s face showed her jealousy though she claimed not to be jealous.

Meanwhile in room Chahat beats Neel with pillows angrily while Neel asks her to stop saying that he is having headache. She confronts him about his shamelessness but Neel somehow holds her and tells that he took his shirt off as coffee had spilt in it. Then to tease her he says that Meera took off his shirt which makes Chahat angry and she starts beating him again saying that all havocs could have broken in if any elders would have seen him. He somehow makes her ear chips to calm her anger down and says that Meera has seen him shirtless earlier too in Delhi.

Chahat recalls Meera telling her that same and says Neel that this is not Delhi and he is her husband but he corrects her saying that they didn’t get married for real. She gets hurt and says that she forgot that and apologizes for behaving like this and leaves the room. Neel feels guilty for hurting Chahat but thinks that he is doing this for her own good as his family won’t accept Chahat when they know her truth. Next morning Chahat goes to feed milk to Kripa but finds her missing and goes to check in all other rooms but Mami says that no one is having her. Chahat is scared that Meera has taken Kripa away and tells Neel about what Meera said and that Meera might have taken Kripa away.

Neel asks Chahat to stop overthinking but Chahat says that Meera acts innocent in front of him but she has seen her real face. That moment Meera comes in and Chahat confronts her about Kripa in anger but she denies taking Kripa away. Meera tries to tell Neel that she didn’t do it but Chahat doesn’t listen to her and threatens her if Kripa is harmed. Meera puts a condition that if it is proven that Meera didn’t take Kripa then Neel will stay with her in her own room. That moment they see Naveli with Kripa while Aalekh receives a video on his phone about Naveli and him. He thinks that Naveli might have done this to blackmail him so he goes and fetches her.

Neel apologizes from Chahat’s side for the misunderstanding but Meera says that Chahat cant get away with her mistakes all the time. Meera says that now he will stay with her in her room and takes her away forcefully but Neel tells her that all this is wrong. Neel says that he is at fault not Chahat as he didn’t keep his promise but he didn’t do it intentionally and asks her to punish him but not Chahat. She gets flattered by his words and asks him to go back. He goes back and asks Chahat to not trouble Meera any more which hurts her. She thinks that some day Neel will go to Meera and she won’t be able to tolerate that pain.

Aalekh strangles Naveli for trying to threatening him using that video but she pushes him away and says that she didn’t send this video and tells that she herself got this by blackmailer and got tensed. She says that they have to find out who did this but Aalekh says that before doing that he will have to marry her to save his image. He decides to talk to Vyas ji about their marriage and goes when Mami comes in and says that her plan worked.

While doing the cookery show Chahat cuts her finger which worries Neel but she says that he should continue as this is a small cut. Meera comes and asks Neel what does he think about his new assistant but Chahat tries to send her away, but Meera pushes her aside and they start fighting. Neel makes them quiet and asks them both to assist him without fighting. They go live on show when Chahat is hurt on her cut so Neel gives a cut to the show and caresses her cut which makes Meera jealous. The episode ends.

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