Qurbaan Hua 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Ghazala’s move shakes Neel and Chahat

Qurbaan Hua 2nd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

 The episode starts with the goons catching Neel and others as they attempt to flee. Neel beats them and frees Chahat and Agam somehow when Bhopu tells him that the car has started. Ghazala records the scene of fighting. Dua and Shlok enjoy this thrill but Neel gets them in the car and they all leave quickly. Ghazala plans to use this video to prove in court that Neel and Chahat are not good parents so that she can get Dr Baig’s property. At home Neel lashes out at everyone for being careless. He blames Alka for not taking care of Vyas ji despite his illness.

Mami says that Neel has not considered Alka as his wife or Shlok’s mother then why will she serve Vyas ji. Mami taunts that Chahat should be the one to take care as she is so interested in being here. Chahat happily agrees to take care of Vyas ji which makes Aalekh worried. Chahat plane to use this chance to keep an eye on him and find out who the real Vyas ji is. Chahat requests Agam to not leave house without telling her and says that Bhopu will be around him all the time. He goes to his room and Aalekh follows. Aalekh is worried that now Chahat will have her eyes on Agam and they are at risk.

Chahat takes Neel to balcony and tries to explain to him that Vyas ji’s behavior does not justify Alzheimer. She says that the patients do not show this behavior but Neel doesn’t believe her. He says that he doesn’t trust her at all. Chahat says that she will prove it to him that she is not lying, she calls Vyas ji who is at Delhi hospital. But before he can pick the call Neel takes Chahat’s phone and hangs up. He says that he can’t trust a woman who left her seven years ago. Next morning, Chahat takes out her clothes from her bag when Shlok and Dua come.

Shlok asks Neel that he said he would keep her clothes in cupboard then why didn’t he do so. Neel makes an excuse that Chahat didn’t want him to put her clothes in his cupboard. She says that after that Neel said that she can throw his clothes out and keep hers inside if she wants. Dua and Shlok say that they will throw out Neel’s clothes but he stops them. Chahat says that they have to do what he wished and asks him wait. She goes with the kids and keeps her clothes in the cupboard. After she comes back Neel pins her to the window and says that she can never make place in his life by doing drama.

Chahat pushes him away and finds the kids missing. They both go down to see Shlok and Dua, they find Ghazala there. Chahat asks Shlok and Dua to go inside room and warns Ghazala against coming near her children. Neel angrily asks her to go but Ghazala says that she has brought court notice for them. She shows them papers showing that she has taken Shlok and Dua’s legal custody. Chahat says that court will not give away the custody but Ghazala shows her and Neel a video from their last night. She says that court gave her the custody as they are a threat to their children.

Ghazala tells that she has the authority to keep children with her hence she will stay here with them. Later Ghazala brings a lawyer who tells everyone that court has given permission to her for staying with the kids. Chahat and Neel try to convince him that that video is a misunderstanding and the children are safe here. The lawyer tells them that they have 48 hours to prove that they they good parents else Ghazala will get Shlok and Dua’s permanent custody. The episode ends.

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