Qurbaan Hua 30th September 2020 Written Update: Neel blames Vyas ji for his actions

Qurbaan Hua 30th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel sees Chahat facing difficulty in grinding wheat when Neel goes. Mami goes to the room where Naveli and Aalekh are and asks her why she is upset. Naveli says that Vyas ji punished Chahat but still liked her gift more and Aalekh tells Mami to not forget that he couldn’t sit in yagya because of Chahat and she deserves more punishment than this. Naveli feels a little sick all this while. Mami and Naveli go to kitchen and Naveli starts cleaning the kitchen in an intention to spoil Chahat’s work.

Naveli throws the dust in Chahat’s wheat which troubles her. Mami acts to scold Naveli that she spoiled Chahat’s work and she will have to do this all again. Mami and Naveli go to take the sack when Naveli says that she is feeling sick but Mami thinks that she is enacting so she also acts and then asks Chahat to take the sacks. Chahat feels like but somehow takes the sacks and falls whole doing so. Mami notices Naveli and asks her what happened but she doesn’t tell anything.

Chahat hears someone vomiting, who is Naveli and she is confused on her condition and thinks whether she is pregnant. Chahat goes to check her and takes her hand for checking pulse but she doesn’t let her do so. Chahat makes her sit and checks her pulse and exclaims which scares Naveli. She asks Chahat what is the problem but she says nothing is wrong and her pulse is fine. Naveli continues to vomit when Mami sees them and Chahat requests her to consult a doctor.

Mami interrupts them and says that Chahat insulted the ritual and this is the after effects of the bad wishes. She takes Naveli inside and confronts her. She says she knows Naveli is pregnant and scolds her saying that she should not meet Aalekh before their marriage. Naveli swears that she is not pregnant and Mami asks her to hope so else she will be killed by Aalekh the same way Saraswati was killed. Neel overhears half of their conversation and asks them who is dangerous. Mami makes an excuse which convinces Neel and he goes. Mami ji warns Naveli to beware of Aalekh as he is dangerous.

Neel goes to see Chahat and praises her for grinding all the wheat so quickly. He offers her some juice but she refuses to take it saying that she will not have anything before completing the grinding. Neel notices wounds in Chahat’s hand and tells her to stop immediately and finish the rest of grinding in electrical grinder.

Meanwhile Ghazala does dusting and finds some family photos including Chahat and wonders how can a Muslim girl be married to Brahman family. She thinks of a theory that whether this girl can be Chahat’s lookalike but puts down the theory. She feels that there is some big secret behind this marriage and goes to Neel’s room for finding some clues.

Chahat says to Neel that she doesn’t want to lie to Vyas ji by using the grinder but be says a small bit of use of grinder won’t make any difference. Chahat then thinks of an idea and takes a rope and ties it to her waist and chakki and does the grinding by walking. Neel says that she will hurt her waist but she says that idea might be stupid but work will be honest.

Neel is frustrated seeing her stubbornness but forces her to drink the juice. She starts drinking the juice but falls unconscious but Neel catches her. He lifts her and takes her in when Vyas ji’s hears his voice. He sees Chahat unconscious and asks what happened to her but Neel angrily says that this has happened because of his punishment.

Neel criticises Vyas ji for giving such a tough punishment to Chahat and says that he used to punish Saraswati the same way and she used to do everything without complaining so now after her he has got Chahat who does the same.

 Vyas ji feels bad and guilty as well about this. Neel goes to his room where Ghazala is searching for clues and finds Chahat’s belongings. She wonders how did Vyas ji agree for this marriage when he doesn’t even like being treated by a Muslim. She thinks that Chahat might not have told anyone about her religion and plans to expose her. The episode ends.

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