Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2021 Written Update: Chahat’s face gets Burnt

Qurbaan Hua 31st August 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel entered the engagement scene disguised as an old man and started creating ruckus in front of everyone. He did not let Zain put the ring on Chahat’s hand. Zain came down the stage and asked the old man who he was. Neel said that he is a distant relative of Chahat and got angry on them for not inviting him to the ceremony.
Ghazala said that she does not know this man. Neel said that she is the one who trapped his brother figure Mr. Baig and destroyed his life. Chahat has nothing similar to her. Infact Chahat resembles her mother completely. Neel then hugged Chahat and complimented her. Ghazala said that she has always maintained her distance with Mr. Baig’s family.

Zain asked the old man to sit down. When he was about to put the ring on Chahat’s finger, Neel stopped her and said that the ring would be put on her finger according to the family’s traditions. He took out his own ring and put that on Chahat’s finger. Zain tried hard to stop it but couldn’t do it. Neel hugged her again and also showed his identity to his family members.
Chahat saw the ring and realised that it is the same ring which Neel had shown her. She even said that to everyone that this is the ring which Neel had shown her. Ghazala and Zain doubted that the old man is none other than Neel himself. He asked the old man to reveal his identity. Bhupinder cut off the light of the house and when it came back it was someone else standing at Neel’s place.

Neel then came as his own looking for his ring. Zain asked him to stop acting as he knew it was Neel only in the old man’s dress. Zain then asked Chahat to take off her ring. Chahat tried but couldn’t take it off. Then Zain tried to do the same forcefully and said that he would take off the ring even if it means cutting off Chahat’s finger for it. This Shook Chahat and then Neel came forward to stop Zain from inflicting pain upon Chahat.

While leaving Neel told Chahat to look for partner who would take away all her pain and give her all his happiness. Chahat then left the party and went back to her room. There she tried to take off the ring but it was stuck in her finger. Then Vyasji came and applied some hand made balm on her finger. Chahat asked him whether she should marry Zain, to which Vyasji said that she must think about it. Ghazala came and asked Chahat to rest and not listen to what Vyasji told her. Vyasji left the room.
Chahat could not take out what Neel said to her. She kept on remembering every moment spent with her. Next day Bhupinder made some breakfast for the kids but they did not like it. Then Chahat brought some sandwiches for them. The kids ate with happiness. Then Zain came with a newspaper and showed it to Chahat. He had made announcement in the entire city. Zain also bought a very expensive necklace for Chahat. Naveli brought some tea and spilled it on the news paper.

Zain got irritated and said that he cannot handle even a slight scar on either Chahat’s face or her picture. Neel asked Zain does he love Chahat or her face and said that his love for Chahat is true as he is connected with her by heart. Ghazala took Chahat inside and started doing her makeup. Ghazala left to see the decorations. Chahat slipped and some burning coals fell on her face. Her face got burnt. Zain got so irritated by this that he left the room. Neel came and said that nothing will happen to her and he will take her to the doctor. Chahat thought that the person she is going to marry left after seeing the scar and the person whom she hates has gone to get the doctor.

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