Qurbaan Hua 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Sahil makes a shocking claim

Qurbaan Hua 3rd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Ghazala asking Bhopu to take her bags to her room. Mami tries to convince Vyas ji to stop Ghazala but he says that he cannot do anything right now. He goes inside, meanwhile a frustated Neel breaks all stuff in the room. Chahat stops him and starts shouting and breaking stuff herself. He asks her to bring her own stuff to break but she says that she is not in a good mood right now and he should not mess with her. Her phone starts ringing, she takes the call of principal who informs that Shlok and Dua have got admission and they have to give arounf 2 lakh rupees for the two kids fees.

Chahat suggests that they can give the fees now and pay the lawyer later, this way they will prove that they are not irresponsible parents. Agam flirts with Ghazala by offering her but she asks Aalekh to send him away. Aalekh praises Ghazala for her brilliant move and that this will send Chahat away. Ghazala says that Neel cannoot afford the fees and he would not ask from Chahat, Aalekh says that if he asks from them then they will take away all that he has.

Neel sees Cahat signing a check for the fees, he thinks that she is showing off her money in front of him. She asks him to stop thinking in wrong way, he says that he does not trust her and she might be doing all this to separate his kids from him. He tears he check and says that he will pay the fees, she angrily says that they are their children and they are supposed to take care of their children together. Neel says that they only have to stay together for 6 months but Chahat says that he has no right to decide this alone.

Chahat throws him on sofa angrily, she spots a tattoo on his chest and insists to see it. He struggles to not show the tattoo to her but she forcefully sees it. She starts laughing and making fun of him for making tattoo after heartbreak. Neel collects 30000 rupees and thinks of borrowing the rest from Vyas ji. He hears Vyas ji telling Aalekh that he wants to donate his money for the victims of calamity. Neel goes inside with money but Agam takes all money saying that he must have brought this for donation.

Neel is unable to take the money back and goes. Chahat meets Neel and requests him to use her money but he doesn’t take it. They find Dua and Shlok playing when Ghazala comes there and says that their parents have not paid the fees yet. Chahat somehow convinces them that there will be no problem and sends them away. Chahat tells Ghazala that she should not insult Neel in front of kids but Ghazala says that he doesn’t have money and its is so disrespectful to take money from his wife.

Chahat tears the check and says that Neel has the capability to earn money and they both will pay fees evenly. Neel goes and works hard for collecting money while Chahat calls him to motivate him. Ghazala throws a party for Shlok and Dua where Sahil suddenly comes and claims to be their father. The episode ends.

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