Qurbaan Hua 5th May 2021 Written Update: Chahat decides to go to Dev Prayag

Qurbaan Hua 5th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Neel spotting Alka at the race location. He asks her why she is here so she tells that she couldn’t stay without Shlok for long so she came here. He blames her that her excessive love has made him weak and says that if he loses today he will have to face Neel’s rage. The announcer introduces the participants and while doing so he mentions that Neel is the judge. Shlok freaks out knowing this and prays to God for helping him to complete this tace safely. Dua is irritated by his weak nature and taunts him for doing drama.

The race starts and the children start running while Shlok struggles a lot fearing that he will get injured. Neel shouts at him and asks him to run without fearing so he continues. Neel keeps on shouting at him for moving ahead while Alka tries to encourage him. He thinks about Chahat’s words and keeps on trying his best while Dua does well in the race and is about to finish. Neel notices that Shlok is coming last and tells Alka that he will reach him a lesson when he comes back. Alka thinks that she will have to do something to make Shlok win this race. Chahat sits beside Vyas ji who tries to say something but is unable to do so.

Chahat comforts Vyas ji and tells that she will punish the person who is responsible for her condition. Chahat decides to take Vyas ji to Dev Prayag. Meanwhile Alka takes a banana and puts it’s peel on Dua’s way which makes her fall and other children also fall clashing with her. Shlok sees that Dua fell and feels that it will be wrong if he overtakes her like this. Alka asks him to keep running so he does so and comes first. Neel is happy to see him win and the announcer declares him winner. Alka praises him and takes him to Neel while Dua wonders how did she fall suddenly and see a banana peel on the ground. She realizes that Shlok has won by cheating.

During the prize distribution ceremony Alka tells Neel that Shlok has stood up to his expectations and he will feel good if he praises him. Neel gives medals to the winners and pats his back, he is about to give the trophy when Dua stops him. She says that cheating has been done and shows the banana peel that was in her way when she was running. She blames Neel for throwing this peel in her way as she had thrown color on him. Neel is surprised as he didn’t do it, he says that she is putting false accusations on him for covering up for her own mistake. Dua says that she should have taken care as a judge but Neel says that no one has cheated.

The announcer asks Dua to behave properly and then Neel takes Shlok to room. Dua decides to complain to Sahil about this thing and calls him. She starts complaining about Neel and says that she will take the first prize at any cost and that she is following Neel. Sahil makes an excuse that he is busy and will come later but he wishes for her to get lost. He gets up and walks without walking stick and grins thinking that he has done this drama for years to win Chahat’s love and now he will make her love him at all cost. Neel and Alka go with Shlok and Shlok asks him if he can call him dad today. Neel doesn’t answer while Dua quietly sneaks into their car’s dikki.

Neel comes home with Shlok and Alka, Mami hugs Shlok and she praises him for winning. She asks him to get his bag from the dikki, he opens the dikki and shouts loudly seeing Dua. Neel and others see her and are shocked. Neel asks her why is she here, she taunts him saying that he is a cheater. Neel realizes that she came from Shimla to Dev Prayag in his car and gets irritated. Dua says that he is not giving her prize and she won’t leave till she gets it. He says that she lost and doesn’t deserve this prize and also asks her to give her parent’s number. She says that she has asked her dad already and he allowed her but Neel doesn’t believe her. Alka feels scared that her secret might be out while Neel asks her to stand here as he is not going to entertain her. The episode ends.

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