Qurbaan Hua 6th September 2021 Written Update: Chahat regains her memory

Qurbaan Hua 6th September 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Neel took the gun from Zain and pointed at Chahat. He then warned that if anyone dares to come near him then he will shoot Chahat. He said that if she wont marry him then she wont marry anybody else. He warned Zain and Ghazala to stay away. Neel took Chahat away to a room. Aalek comes to Vyasji to again make fun of him. Vyasji gave Aalek a tight slap. Zain then came to him and said that he wont be able to stop him from marrying Chahat. Vyasji said that today he will do whatever it takes to save his son and his wife.

Neel took Chahat to a room and there she accused him of stooping so low in his deeds. Neel dropped the gun and said that it was all a ploy to get her here. He said that he could not ever hurt Chahat. He told her that she was going to do something which she wont ever be able to revert in her life. She as going to marry another man despite being married and too while being manipulated by that same man.
Zain and Ghazala collected some people from nearby area and created a scene. She said that Vyasji and his family are framing her daughter and getting her married to a man of different religion forcefully. They’ve kept her inside and the man is with her. The men got furious. Then Vyasji told the men that the man inside with the woman is her husband and he is trying to make her remember her marriage since she has lost her memory. Her mother and Zain are trying to manipulate her. He said that even though they are from different religions but their love is above everything else. Then men did not listen to them and started advancing inside. Naveli tried to stop them by throwing chilli powder at them. Bhupinder and Vyasji too tried to stop them.

Dua and Shlok talk to each other that they have to do something so that their mother regains her memory. Both of them start praying. Here Neel tried to tell everything to Chahat. He said that his family did not tell her everything earlier because the doctor had told them not to as it would deteriorate her health even more.

He told Chahat about the time she and her father saved Neel’s sister and her child. He even showed her the photo album of their marriage and their married life. He told her that the kids are not Naveli’s but theirs only and it is Zain and Ghazala who are manipulating her. Chahat told him that she could not remember anything. Neel then looked at his sister’s picture and said that Chahat did not understand his love and is going to marry a bad man completely not worthy of her.

Chahat then experienced some brain shocks and started remembering everything. She remembered all her time, before losing her memory and even after that. She then hugged Neel and asked about Dua. Neel’s happiness knew no bounds. Chahat felt sad that she couldn’t understand Neel’s love. Zain came in and saw them hugging. He pointed the gun at Neel and said that he is trying to manipulate her mind and does not deserve to live. Chahat then said that he will not kill Neel but she will do it herself as Neel has troubled her a lot. She took the gun from Zain and to his surprise, she slapped him only. She told Zain that she has regained her memory and now he wont be able to manipulate her any further.

Zain then snatched back the gun from her and even Neel’s gun and said that he will anyway kill Neel and marry her. Chahat stood in front of Neel as his shield.

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