Qurbaan Hua 7th April 2021 Written Update: Chahat enters Dhyani house

Qurbaan Hua 7th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Episode starts with Alka calling Sahil and taking permission for keeping Dua till a function in their house. He agrees and says that they can keep her as long as they want to. Alka cuts the phone and is surprised by the lack of concern shown by Dua’s father. Dua is excited to help in decorations, she sees a hammer and asks Neel what is it used for. He sarcastically says that it is used to hit him but she takes it seriously and is about to hit him. She requests Neel to tie her hair so that she can hit him, he is shocked and takes away the hammer

Shlok laughs at Dua and then helps her tie her hair. She is unsatisfied with the hair style but Shlok says that he only knows to make this hair style. She says that this is not that bad, Neel asks Alka to come along to market. Alka asks the kids to come too and Shlok tells Dua that he will show her the Prayag tree in which not even a single flower has blossomed in six years. Dua says that today is the day for flower to blossom. Meanwhile Chahat reaches outside Dhyani house with her face covered and gets nostalgic seeing the house.

Chahat hears a group of people coming hailing some pandit, she hides behind some bushes to see the face. She is left shocked when she sees that it is Vyas ji and wonders how can he be fit and fine all of a sudden. She watches him sitting and giving blessings to the people. Mami ji washes his feet and asks if he is fine after his journey, he says that he can give up anything for devotion and also assures her that he is fine. Chahat video calls the nurse taking care of Vyas ji and asks her to show him. The nurse shows Vyas ji sitting still which leaves Chahat shocked and confused.

Chahat sees two people with same face and voice and wonders who the real Vyas ji is. She feels very frustrated as she can’t even ask someone so she decides to find out the truth herself. She goes to Bhopu to ask for help, he is left perplexed after knowing so many shocking facts together. Chahat tries to convince him that there are two people looking like Vyas ji. Bhopu nervously says that he has been seeing Vyas ji everyday and guesses that the one in Delhi might be fake. Chahat says that if he would have been fake then he wouldn’t have panicked hearing about Dev Prayag.

Though Chahat agrees for a while that she might be wrong and gets more confused. Chahat says that she will have to go home to find out the truth but Bhopu warns that her life could be in danger. She says that she will take the risk for Vyas ji, Bhopu asks her how will they go in. She sees some clothes and gets an idea. Few moments later, she comes in front of him disguised as a sardar and he says that no one will be able to recognize her. They go to Dhyani house and see Neel and Vyas ji going somewhere, she asks to Bhopu but he has no clue either.

Chahat asks Bhopu to call Neel, that moment Mami comes and talks to Bhopu. She tells him that Neel and Vyas ji will not return before evening. He somehow talks Mami into keeping a servant at house and points towards Chahat. Mami sees her and says that she has seen her somewhere which makes Chahat panic. Mami says that she can’t keep an unknown guy at work and starts leaving when Chahat says that if she keeps her at work god will fulfill her wishes. Mami asks her name so she randomly says her name is Top.

Chahat offers to make parathas for Mami so she agrees and goes inside. Mami asks her to wash the dishes in kitchen and Chahat agrees. She walks inside feeling very nostalgic as she goes on memory lane. Mami comes and takes her to kitchen to explain all the work, Chahat deliberately trips to hug Mami and feels peaceful. Mami pushes her back and Chahat apologizes, Mami asks her to make tea so she starts collecting things. Mami asks her how does she know where all the things are kept, Chahat makes some excuse which convinces her. The episode ends.

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