Qurbaan Hua 8th June 2021 Written Update: Neel finds out about Chahat’s secret

Qurbaan Hua 8th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Chahat noticing Shlok pulling Ghazala by cycle, Neel hesitantly says thank you to Chahat but finds her gone. Neel thinks that Chahat got upset because of him and thinks of making it up to her. Chahat rushes to Shlok and takes out his earphones, he sees Ghazala entangled to his cycle and panics. Ghazala says to him that she asked him to stop the cycle but he didn’t listen, he apologizes saying that he couldn’t hear because of the earphones. Dua sees Ghazala with wounds and goes to her, Chahat asks her to take Shlok inside and not tell anyone about it.

Chahat tries to treat Ghazala but she refuses to be treated by her so Chahat takes her to a hospital. The doctor in hospital checks Ghazala and says her injuries are severe indicating foul play. Police arrives there and doctor says that this can be a police case. The police ask Ghazala to give her statement against the person who has done this to her. Chahat panics thinking that Ghazala may take Shlok’s name and send him to juvenile home.

Ghazala doesn’t take Shlok’s name and makes some excuse so the police go away. Chahat thanks Ghazala for saving Shlok but she says that she has done all this for a reason. She asks Chahat to take her home with respect in return for Shlok’s freedom. Chahat says that she won’t fall for her bluff and not let her kids be in danger. Ghazala shows her a video of Shlok pulling her and threatens to send him to jail and also says that he may not be able to tolerate so much pain. Meanwhile, Shlok expresses his fear to Dua that he might get arrested if something severe happens to Ghazala. She calms him down saying that Chahat will handle everything.

Neel comes to them with a cake with ‘Thank you Chahat’ written in it. They don’t show much excitement so he asks them what happened. The bell rings that moment so he goes to door, he finds Chahat with Ghazala. Chahat brings her inside while Ghazala says to Neel that Chahat herself brought her here to take care of her. Chahat tries to defend herself but Neel is unhappy, Shlok and Dua come and assist Ghazala to go to her room. Neel confronts Chahat for bringing Ghazala back, he lashes out at her for breaking his trust again. Chahat is unable to tell him the truth while Ghazala enjoys watching Neel misunderstand Chahat.

Mami humiliates Chahat in front of the whole family and blames her for playoffs dirty tricks on them. Aalekh also starts speaking against Chahat while Mami asks Vyas ji to throw Ghazala out of this house. Agam says that he cannot separate the kids from their grandmother. Ghazala comes and says that Neel’s anger will give her enough proof for getting children’s custody as she will prove that his anger is harmful for the kids. Mami gets irritated and asks Chahat to go check on Neel, after everyone leaves Agam starts singing and flirting with Ghazala but Aalekh stops him.

Chahat goes to room and finds Neel holding a knife, she thinks that he is going to do something reckless. But he says that he is using it to do his coat buttons, she asks him whether he is angry about Ghazala staying her. He says that he can keep and eye on her this way so it is good. Naveli brings a letter from bank for Chahat which makes her worried. Chahat goes to washroom and talks to someone for a job. Neel attends a call on landline and finds out that Chahat had a centre on Vyas ji’s name and has sold it out. He confronts her about it when he comes out. The episode ends.

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