Qurbaan Hua 9th September 2020 Written Update: Neel and Chahat celebrate Saraswati’s birthday

Qurbaan Hua 9th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Naveli asks Chahat why she is having a burkha but she doesn’t have an answer and Aalekh also asks her when Neel sees them. He comes and asks Chahat about her shopping and Aalekh asks him why is Chahat having burkha so he says that the shivu gave this burkha with other clothes by mistake.

But Naveli asks about distributing juice when Chahat sees a board of blood donation camp and says she was giving juice to people who donate blood. She also says that the boy must have misunderstood like Aalekh did. Neel praises Chahat for her act while Aalekh says he overthought because of Naveli after which they leave.

Neel says he knew she would mess up so he came to find her but she ignores him and goes with the juices. He apologizes for the morning incident but she ignores and he asks whether he has to go on his knees for seeking forgiveness and she nods.

He bends on knees and says sorry, then he gets a call from mama ji and leaves in a hurry. Mama ji tries to stop Vyas hi from taking bath but he doesn’t agree. He starts going when he falls but Neel catches him.

He tells Vyas ji that there is a world beyond puja and he needs to take care of his health and says that he has asked Aalekh to do the puja.

Vyas ji says that he can’t take the decision but Neel says that he is worried for him and pours out his anger but Chahat takes him aside. She asks him to go and he leaves, after which she tries to convince Vyas ji to not do the puja or postpone it.

 But he says that tommorow is a special day and thinks not to tell Neel that he has forgotten Saraswati’s birthday or he will start blaming himself. Chahat requests him to stay on bed and brings a bucket of water with sponge and says that he can take sponge bath.

Mami comes with Golu who is crying and Chahat takes her and tries to calm her but it doesn’t work out. Vyas ji asks her to make Golu play with Saraswati’s childhood toys and she takes them and goes down with her.

She plays with Golu when the toy falls and she picks it up and sees a date in it. After a minute she realizes that tomorrow is Saraswati’s birthday and wonders whether Neel remembers or not. At night Neel comes but his mood is bad.

Chahat tries to stop him saying that she hasn’t broken her fast yet and says that they have to eat the first bite from someone’s hand. She asks him to make a halwa for her and he makes it.

Chahat takes a lot of halwa in plate which shocks Neel and he says she will become fat but she doesn’t listen. She takes the bowl of halwa and makes it in cake shape and writes ‘Happy Birthday Saraswati’ in it.

Neel comes and sees it and gets emotional for not remembering Saraswati’s birthday. Chahat asks him to cut the cake and he does that remembering Saraswati. He feeds Chahat the cake but refuses to eat as he forgot the birthday. She tells him that his anger will burn him instead he should use this anger to fight his problems.

Chahat asks Neel to perform the puja on Saraswati’s birthday but he says he doesn’t deserve it. But Chahat gives him a letter she found in jewelry box given by Mami. She reads it out to him which says that he should reduce his differences with Vyas ji and he gets emotional.

 Chahat asks if he will take part in puja but he goes. In morning Aalekh gets ready for the puja and Naveli says that she will live stream it to show everyone. He is about to sit for the puja when Vyas ji stops him and says that he will perform the puja. The episode ends.