Qurbaan Hua: A shock awaits Chahat

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Zee TV’s Qurbaan Hua is having many twists that will keep viewers hooked to the story.
Recently in the story, it is shown that Neel is hell bent on finding Dr. Baig to avenge his sister’s death while on the other hand Chahat is determined to prove her dad’s innocence. Neel and his family discover about Saraswati’s child and many questions rise in their mind.

Neel creates more hatred for Dr. Baig in everyone’s mind but Chahat challenges him that she will prove her dad innocent.

In the coming episode, Chahat asks Naveli that when she was taking Saraswati to hospital with Pramukh ji, had she got any injury, but Naveli looks at her tensed. The police find a damaged car which belongs to Dr. Baig.

They say that they found it at the bottom of a hill and if anyone would have been inside, his survival would be impossible. This shocks everyone.