Qurbaan Hua: Chahat plans to leave the City?

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Qurbaan Hua is actually living up to its expectations. The audience is all Qurbaan over them. The show is always bringing something new in every episode of its. It is not leaving any stone unturned in entertaining the audience. The audience is at the edge of their seats witnessing the show in front of their eyes. There is no predictability what so ever in the show. Evey character is panning out beautifully and the makers are trying their best to include everyone to the main foray.

Shlok is about to fall from the terrace. Vyasji catches hold of him. He regains his memory. The family us thrilled and excited to see Vyasji gaining back his consciousness. Vyasji gets angry on everyone regarding Shlok and the family today is not scared or hurt by his scoldings as they are happy to see him back. Chahat too gets very happy seeing him but the next moment gets very scared as she remembers the time when he used to hate her and asked her to leave the family and Neel.

She runs from the spot and goes to her room to pack her bags. She even asks Dua to pack her bags as they are leaving the city. Dua refuses and tells her that she wants to stay with Alka ma. Vyasji is treated upon by a doctor. On asking about Dua Mami tells him that she is their Neighbour’s child.

This angers Neel. He tells her that he will tell Vyasji who Dua is and he has to accept her. Chahat reaches her clinic to ask Bhupinder to book her tickets. She also asks him to not tell Neel about her whereabouts. Neel reaches In the meantime. He catches hold of Chahat and asks her about her leaving.

Chahat tells him that she has to leave the city right away. She doesn’t want to make Vyasji unwell again.
Nobody in the audience had expected to see this plot in the recent episodes. Well this is the reason this show is doing so well with the audience.
Will Chahat actually leave the city? Will Vyasji accept Chahat and Dua? Will Neel tell him about them? Will Chahat tell him herself? What are Aalek and Ghazala planning next? How is Alaknanda going to behave with the family?
To know all these storylines keep watching Qurbaan Hua